Biggest Presidential Election Turnout EVER!!!!…

… except for the last one, which was bigger.

I heard the following last night:

The electoral system in the United States cannot handle the number of voters expected to turn out!

We are expecting a 60% turnout for this election. 

Record turnout will propel Obama to victory.

The numbers today do not reflect what we were told by our parroting media:

  • Total number of votes cast for President in 2004:  121,069,054
  • As of this morning, the number of votes cast for President in 2008:  117,829,000

guy-on-couchWhat you are hearing this morning is social conservatives, pealing themselves off their lether sofas, having sat on their butts yesterday.  I hope the next nominees remember what happened here.

UPDATE HotAir has more insight even though I was first)

UPDATE II:  Mystery Solved

al sends


3 responses to “Biggest Presidential Election Turnout EVER!!!!…

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  3. The media always hypes the number…..
    just like every politico running for office always says “Send me, I’m gona’ change things.
    And then the more things change, the more they stay the same, and America is still laying face down in the floor of the hog pen.


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