No Need to Stone Me, After All

On January 21, 2008, I made this prediction. Just in case you’re wondering, I stand by that prediction.


7 responses to “No Need to Stone Me, After All

  1. I never expected McCain to get the GOP nod.
    But then I didn’t think the Dems would kick Hillary to the curb either.
    I like that “Reluctant Republican” line, that’s good.


  2. I hate to see you guys so reluctant. Sin boldly! Or don’t. I’m really scratching my head over this half-way covenant you’ve made with McCain. Y’all are hail-marying, which I respect. I just expected a bit more umph in your civic duty-doing. But, then again, I understand. Politics sucks. Trust me, as someone who voted for Bush for the same reasons in 2000 and 2004, every vagary, every crime carried out by the Bush administration against humanity and the Constitution was a knife-stab to my conscience. Following my weekly epithet against Cheney and Co., my wife, who to this day has never voted for the same candidate as me, was always quick to point out that I put him there–that I chose him to serve in my stead. Dang, she was right. I wanted to go back and change my mind.

    Oh well, I love you guys. I hope you leave the booth feeling that you did the right thing. If not, I will be available for confessions on Thursday morning from 8-10.

  3. We have public confession JP… It is in the combox here at the Basket.

    Question… Will you be the least perturbed if Obama signs a bill that forbids Florida from making a law that makes it a crime for me to transport your daughter over to California for an abortion? Would it matter that you did not vote against such a man, given his promise to do exactly that?

    That is a terror to my soul…

    al sends

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