Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Vote, Pray…

… and then pray.

Let me just say that I have not voted yet.

I liked Piper’s video on the election and believe that his reasoning is pretty much in keeping with what I believe in most of this.  Jesus Christ is King and I hate that some believe that spreading Democracy from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth, will bring peace to the world (cutting my eyes at the Republican Party).  In the same way, I do not believe that Democracy will end abortion.  It just won’t.

We, in the Demcratic West, believe that we are teachers, sophisticates, in need of nothing.  But in reality we are dunces, rubes and suffer loss at almost every turn.  Can there be any hope of repentance without discipline from God?  I am afraid that discipline may come in the form of an Obama presidency (or a McCain presidency for that matter).

Here is the bottom line though: If McCain wins he may, and I really mean may, appoint judges that actually read the constitution and believe what it says.  If Obama wins his nominees won’t and that will leave us exactly where we are right now, with abortion legal and babies dying by the millions.  The rate of abortion will not increase if Obama is elected and only ‘may’ go down if McCain is put into office.

That ‘may’ is enough for me though.  I am changing my flirtation with a “No” vote to one for McCain and I will pray, vote, pray, support the crisis pregnancy center, pray, and worship God.  And pray.

Thanks for all your thoughts on this issue.

al sends


7 responses to “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Vote, Pray…

  1. Pastor Stout,

    Completely and totally disappointed by this turn, gentlemen.

    McCain doesn’t even care about abortion. It’s an annoying issue to him. He’s more interested in saving us all money than he is about saving babies. Dude even said that there would be “no litmus test” for Supreme Court justices. No litmus test. Doesn’t matter if they’re Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. Look at the way he dodged all the questions about it in public forums.

    If his ratings slipped too low, he’d probably tag a Pro-Choice justice for a ten point spike. If we’re held accountable by God for how we vote, what does Christ hold against the soul of a person who votes for McCain if McCain ends up appointing a Pro-Choice justice? And if it’s really all in God’s hands anyway, you might as well vote for Obama just to prove it.

  2. Josh, sorry we (I) have disappointed you. Not that your satisfaction is what we were shooting for here, but I am sorry non the less.

    If John McCain is as mailable as you say here, then perhaps he has heard what Christians have said and will support, nominate, sign and propose accordingly.

    As I said on your blog, I think Justice, Mercy and Humility require this vote.

    al sends

  3. Josh,

    No one is as disappointed as I am. I am planning on taking an anti emetic as I enter the voting booth. I agree that McCain doesn’t care about the unborn. I agree that he will do what is politically expedient. I was sickened by his comment re: supreme court justices (I railed to – not at – my wife when he said what he said). He’s an opportunistic, imperialistic, cynical, angry man. This is not what we should want in a leader.

    The depth of my own personal loathing for what I will do in the booth is hardly expressible. But I will cast this vote for two reasons.

    1. Maybe he really has backed himself into a corner with the Palin pick. Maybe he has made a statement about his Supremes picks that he can’t back away from. Maybe.

    2. McCain will be far less powerful in the oval office than would Obama. I like the idea of an impotent being in the big chair.

  4. It is a fearful thing to know that I will be held accountable for each decision a candidate makes once he takes office. Paralyzed by that, I will never vote again.

    It seems that if we vote at all, it must be a vote based on the evidence at hand. Whether you discern that McCain is anti-abortion on principle or anti-abortion by crass pragmatism (I do fear the latter), still he has a 95% positive record when it comes to hard data. He considered pro-abortion running mates and chose that woman partly because he perceives her as a shill for the right, which he desperately needs for victory. Still, should I try to peer into the secret recesses of his heart? Yikes. I left that behind decades ago when I abandoned arminian evangelism.

    I am pinching my nose with one hand and pulling the lever with the other while I hope for disaster and take responsibility for avoiding catastrophe. Another viable option (except doing nothing) doesn’t seem open to me at the moment. And the day is tomorrow.

    Where are the Urim and Thummim when you need them?

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