What to do?

There are three jolly Basketeers with three jolly votes.

One seems to be a pretty decided “no” vote. One seems to be a pretty decided “undecided” vote. Now me, I’m dwelling in the state of confusion. I have been swayed by the lofty rhetoric of the Just Vote No demagogues (wink wink) in the past but am wavering and feeling like voting no is shouting into the proverbial pillow in the proverbial desert. Four days out from the election, that is starting to keep me up at night.

So how about this?

One of these two men will be president. Period. Both are galaxies off when it comes to the many issues that I, as a Reformed evangelical committed to the Lordship of Christ over all, care deeply about. Yet is there one issue that I believe is the defining issue of our day? And is there a man running in the election who has a record that is 95% faithful on this issue? And is there another man running who is avowedly committed to slaughter as a matter of principle?

Could McCain tube out and get all mavericky after being elected? Could we end up with another squid-like member of the highest court in the land? Could we be being hoodwinked? Point to an area of life where there are guarantees and I will eat my hat.

Is it unprincipled to be a one-issue voter, given the impossibility of being a multi-issue voter? That’s what I am wondering as I motor through the state of confusion with the top down, hair flying in the electoral breeze.

I guess this Basketeer is undecided after all.


8 responses to “What to do?

  1. Man, my feet are chilly…

    David, are you voting in VA? We are all swing-statey down here and my vote may actually matter in the end. VA is similar I think.

    Well, I may just suck it up and pull the lever for the candidate Chuck Norris endorses.

    Al sends

  2. Yes, precisely. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Tony Woodlief is right on. I guess I’m tipping from undecided to decided, then. For today anyway.

    Good grief.

  3. No candidate is ever going to vote/appoint/act exactly like you want him (or her) to, they are human and they are flawed — just like the rest of us.

    So what do we do? I think that in the end you have to look at the candidate as a whole and try to discern what principles and values guide that candidate and whether those principles and values match most closely with yours. If they do, vote for the candidate, if they don’t, then don’t vote for them. If you can’t vote for either one of them, skip it (and cast a passive vote for one or the other) or write in someone who’s principles and values match yours.

    I know I just opened the door for a lot of votes for Jesus and while I appreciate and agree with the sentiment, I think that in the end that just makes the secular people counting the votes laugh at us and Christ.

  4. Nope, I generally look at the candidates running and try to vote for the one that most closely matches my principles and values. I doubt any of us could find someone to be a candidate who exactly matches ALL of our values and principles.

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