He Comes Bearing Light…

… but all you get is the shadow.

I have still not made up my mind on how I will vote on Tuesday (early voting is for suckers), but this guy really turns my stomach.  Dan Phillips has been doing an admirable job putting forth the case against Obama and for John McCain.  I just don’t know if John McCain will do the one thing I want him to do, namely appoint righteous judges. Can someone convince me of that?  PLEASE?

I know the possibility of Obama appointing a righteous judge is as slim as one of those Olsen twins,

but I can’t help but shake the feeling that McCain will be wishy-washy on this issue.  If I vote for him, he wins and then appoints some wack-job to the Supreme court I would be unable to control my vomiting.  No one wants to vomit.  No one.

al sends


2 responses to “He Comes Bearing Light…

  1. Well, look at it this way, you probably have a better shot at getting a decent judge with Sen McCain than you do with Sen Obama. Sen Obama has made it pretty clear that he wants judges who do not judge strictly per the law but also by empathy and the circumstances. On the surface this seems noble, but that makes things inherently unfair since neither party will be judged equally before the law.

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