True Confessions

I’m a fan of Tony Woodlief. Here’s another reason why.


3 responses to “True Confessions

  1. I am humbled by this prayer. Deeply. There is a jolt of realism here that shakes me.

    I do have a question about this line in the prayer:
    “Oh Lord, we are a country founded in rebellion…”

    Is this true? Does anyone else take issue with this?

  2. Are we really a country founded in rebellion? Was the American “Revolution” a revolution, the way the French “Revolution” was a revolution? The American War for Independence and the founding, George, Thomas, James, the Declaration and all the rest — they were about rebellion?

    I don’t quibble with our brother about confession our rebellion as a people. No.

    But I’m just wondering if anyone else might read history differently and therefore confess a bit differently.

    And I like Tony Woodlief also.

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