Praying For Frank Turk…

… cuz his stats is down.

Excuse the bad grammar, but Frank needs some love. Go visit his site and you will be gospelized with more frequency, which is a good thing.

The good news for you faithful readers of the HandBasketTM is that our stats have been climbing.  We started this here backwater in January of 2007.  In July of 2008 we went over 25K views (as wordpress counts them) and sometime next week we should go over 50K views.  How cool is that?

Now, why is that good news for you?  Here is the deal for the new readers:  I will soon give a book away (a title that has been enjoyed by one of your Basketeers).  Here is how this works…

When the views on this blog hit the 50K mark I will put up a post letting you know how to play (it will probably have to do with showing yourself to be witty – we like wit).  In that post I will let you know the books in play and how to win one.  It will be for reals.  Ask Dan Phillips, our last big winner.

al sends


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