We are what we eat

We are what we eat.

In contrast to the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant and Greco-Roman festivals, the Christian feast is a feast of bread and wine, both cultivated foods, products of culture. The stuff of the meal thus signals that the community is a “construct,” not a “natural” community, a “fictive” kin group rather than a kin group bound by flesh and blood. (The Christian household is bound together by blood, but it is blood shed not blood transmitted in birth.) Bread and wine thus signal that this table fellowship is one where there is neither Jew nor Greek, Scythian nor Cretan, slave nor free.

The Supper made fascism discernible and exposed the injustice of the ideology of blood and soil. Prior to the Supper and before the Church, fascism was simple common sense.

The Church attacked this kind of common Sense.

Because we are what we eat.

       – Peter Leithart, Against Christianity, pp.92-93


2 responses to “We are what we eat

  1. That did not come out right. If what we put into ourselves is good, then what comes out of of is good, as the Word.
    If you are not feeding the indwelling Spirit and living in it, then what comes out is garbage.

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