Wilson Wahoo

Since the naming of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket, Doug Wilson has been giving the elephants a serious look in the name of No mo’ Roe. He’s been thinking out loud on his blog about the virtues and pitfalls of voting McCain/Palin. Today he ended his season of deliberation and makes his stand.

Click here to see what he says.


One response to “Wilson Wahoo

  1. Great point and it’s spot on!
    “And I am also not voting this way because I think that the Republicans have been in any way an example of principled conservative governance. The Republican Party is a shambles, and the more pathetic it gets, the more difficult it is to persuade anybody just how pathetic it is. There are examples beyond my ability to count, but for just one take the fact that the “conservative” candidate is running on public funds, and the thug and commie candidate is privately funded by capitalists.”


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