Worship Is A Waste Of Time…

… at least that is the impression the world might get:


Bethesda Church Joins Nationwide Campaign

Worship services and Sunday school have been canceled at Bethesda United Methodist Church tomorrow so members can spend the weekend serving the community.

Doing home repairs for the elderly, cleaning up sections of Rock Creek Park, assembling “flood buckets” for Hurricane Ike victims with bleach and sponges and sending a team to rebuild homes in New Orleans are some of the activities that the 400 church members are engaging in, said the Rev. Jenny Cannon. It is meant to communicate that the church is “more than coming together for worship.”

The effort is part of a nationwide campaign called “Don’t Go to Church, Be the Church,” sponsored by World Vision, a faith-based nonprofit; Zondervan, a Christian publisher; and Outreach, a Christian outreach organization. In its second year, the initiative encourages churches to close their doors for one weekend and help neighbors in need.

About 300 churches are participating this year, according to Faith in Action, the organization coordinating the campaign.

Let me ask you fine readers…  Are they right to do such a thing?  Will you waste your time before God?

al sends


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