Live Blogging the Presidential Debate (sorta)

I listened to the debate last night on the radio. I haven’t watched any video yet, but I can guess. Here’s what I heard:

Obama: The government is going to take over every part of your life, and you need to be happy that someone finally is.

McCain: My friends, Reagan, across the table, my track record, my friends, my hero is Ronald Reagan, my hero is Teddy Roosevelt, my friends, I have friends who are democrats, across the aisle, my friends.

Obama: I’m going to take rich people’s money and give it to people who already don’t pay taxes.

McCain: My friends, blah blah blah, bipartisan blah blah blah.

Obama: I don’t need to say anything else of substance because Senator McCain is sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.

McCain: My friends, my track record, economy?, I’ll buy your bad mortgages, Social Security, we all know what we need my friends, my track record for talking to democrats, blah blah blah.

Obama: Am I allowed to paint the Oval Office any color I want?

McCain: I need a nap.


My prediction: Unless someone has pictures of Obama with Osama in which they’re both dressed like Shirley Temple and kicking puppies and smoking crack, Obama is the next president.


3 responses to “Live Blogging the Presidential Debate (sorta)

  1. I’m not sure even that would derail this “International” choo-choo!
    I think we have been listening to the swirling sound too long now.
    It’s too late, there is no way out.
    But then, I’m okay!
    I’m pre-trib and pre-millennial anyway. 🙂

    Don’t be ashamed Rob, it’s okay, If I’m right you go too!


  2. You are cracking me up. You are totally right – Michelle is ordering swatches.

    On a totally coincidental note, you listened to the debate and we watched it on mute.

    (We can only take the debates in 12 second snatches. For the VP debate, we made it the for first 12 seconds until Palin compared the economy with being a hockey mom. Then we watched the History Channel.)

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