Hair of the Dog

So, Mr. Powers and Mr. Cash get together for a drink one day in the late 1970s. One thing leads to another and they stay in the bar for a thirty year hootie hoot. One day a month or so ago they woke up with the worst hangover ever. On top of that the barkeep says, “Boys, I’m afraid I’m going to need you to pay your tab.”

Mr. Powers and Mr. Cash stare at each other for a long moment. Then, heads throbbing and pockets empty, they realize there is only one thing to do. They turn to the bartender and say in unison, “Bartender! Drinks for everybody! On us!”


7 responses to “Hair of the Dog

  1. Brilliant. Now that one of the misters has a girl on his arm, what’s the chance his compatriot will follow, since the fellow bar-dweller hasn’t really impressed the patrons or the bartender that much?

    Or did I totally miss the allegory?

  2. That’s better than my “sell me a box of rocks” allegory.

    “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten,
    and to expect different results is insanity.”


  3. I realize it is a rather minimalist allegory, but my point is that the federal government (Mr. Powers) and Wall Street (Mr. Cash) have been in cahoots to profit from each others’ jackassery. (Loose laws make it easy for the money boys to get rich, and an economy that is making a lot of people money keeps the voters at bay. Party on, Wayne. Party on Garth.) Now the day of reckoning has come, and their strategy for atoning for it all is to continue the insanity…with (count the zeros) 700,000,000,000.00 of our folding money.

  4. Yeah, I got the allegory wrong.

    That’s really great Pastor Hadding. That’s exactly what’s going on here. I just love it when money goes *poof* and doesn’t exist in our pockets, then suddenly *poof* it’s in the CEO’s pockets. Fantastic! Democracy at work!

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