… youth is not always wasted on the young.

Rob, Kaleb, and some guy I don’t know (he goes by Swede, which makes him sound like Nordic Mafia) started a blog earlier this year.  Apparently they were going to wait until it matured before they told anyone about it.  I decided that I did not wish to wait…

Ladies and Gentlemen!  I give you Help! I’ve been flabbergasted! Please stop by and check out their vinyl album collection…

A link can also be found in the “A New Blog Or Two” category to the right.

al sends


6 responses to “Flabbergasted…

  1. Well I’ll be the uncle of a whatsit! Many, many thanks!
    Swede is the nick name of Dane Wilson, a college friend. His father, Gordon Wilson, is a Fellow of Natural Philosophy at NSA. He’s tall, lanky, funny, somewhat ridiculous, and an excellent photographer with a penchant for Patrick McManus. In short, just the sort of fellow we would like to write with on a blog which will, most probably, do nothing more than entertain us. There’s the off chance that we’ll hit something profound. Or heretical. Or both. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the link. Actually, I started the blog and now give Kaleb and Dane the privilege of posting to it (and in Kaleb’s case, messing with the layout). Dane hasn’t been too active on it but we expect great things from him in the future. Always grateful for the publicity. Blessings to all.

    Rob N

  3. Aren’t you guys supposed to be reading City of God at something like the rate of a page a minute? What are you doing listening to rock and roll records, and blogging, and who knows what other kind of foolishness?! I’m…I’m…Flabbergasted!

  4. Ha ha! Rob looks like a very self-satisfied pea. As opposed to my horrendously happy triangle.

    The sad thing is, Pastor Hadding, we actually are having time to do all of the above. I’ve got about a hundred and fifty pages of Calvin to read tonight, and it will be amazing! Should be done in about 3 hours, but we’ll see – Calvin’s a beast about making you watch the details.

  5. All those years reading at T-tas pay off! No no no, not that you now read a zillion pages of Calvin in 4 minutes flat. That you like vinyl and use phrases like “horrendously happy triangle.” Feel the joy, boys!

  6. Pastor Bryant! Oh, I’m feeling it! I want you to know, I aced my first two Augustine quizzes with no real studying thanks to your tests on the subject some years ago. It’s so funny watching people discover Augustine, and Rob and I are looking like experts on him because we’ve done so much of him before. Not that we aren’t learning anything, our professor Mr. Appel is ridiculously smart. Just wanted you to know that we are, without a doubt, the most prepared students here for Lordship and the “Socratic Dialogues” we have with the professor on the readings – basically an omnibus discussion without people jumping in to talk. How’s life in the Commonwealth?

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