The Spirit Does Not Speak In A Crawl Across The Bottom Of MSNBC…

… pretenders to the throne.

I have a retirement fund that is pegged to the markets. I have an insurance policy with a troubled company. Got that? I have a vested interest in seeing the markets do well.

That being said… The gub’ment should get its big fat snout out of the banking business.  This whole mess is almost incomprehensible to someone like me, but every time I hear the government cry out, “CRISIS! CRISIS!” I get worried that they are about to make whatever they are trying to fix much worse.

I read an interesting little opinion piece from CNN that helped frame the issue…

And another one from the Financial Post of Canada.  If you don’t read the other link read this one.  Here is a quote:

In 1907, J.P. Morgan almost singlehandedly rescued the United States and the world from a financial panic and possible depression. He did it by personally overseeing a series of bailouts of failing or troubled businesses. Of his efforts, the famed art critic Bernard Berenson (who had an affair with Morgan’s librarian) wrote: “Morgan should be represented as buttressing up the tottering fabric of finance the way Giotto painted St. Francis holding up the falling Church with his shoulder.”

No saints or J.P. Morgans were in evidence yesterday in Washington as the U.S. Congress, a den of economic atheists, failed to rescue the secular church of capitalism.

No matter what happens please remember that Jesus Christ is not beholden to the Dow Jones index. God’s goodness is not tied to a fixed mortgage rate. The Spirit does not speak in a crawl across the bottom of MSNBC.

I love this verse in Jeremiah 31… “I will satiate the soul of the priests with abundance, And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD.”

When the souls of the priests of God (and all who are in Christ are priests Rev. 5) are satiated with abundance the next drop of goodness that hits their souls causes goodness to leave them in equal amounts. That departing goodness will look like help for the widow and the poor.  It will look like a warm embrace when the world is hard and cold. It will look like love – unrelenting, unfailing love!

Remember that, as we see the pretenders to goodness – riches, government, unbridled pleasure – fall by the wayside, we should be standing ready to offer the world true goodness in the person of Jesus Christ.

 al sends


4 responses to “The Spirit Does Not Speak In A Crawl Across The Bottom Of MSNBC…

  1. For what it’s worth…and, you know, in the interest of being fair and balanced…He doesn’t speak in a crawl across the bottom of Fox News Channel either. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  2. But sometime the Spirit speaks in a crawl across my lower abdomen, praise the Lord.

    “Every head bowed and every eye closed. I see that hand.”

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