In Which I Join the Refrain

I have finally emerged fully (I think) from the anesthesia-induced fog that descended on me about a week ago. My spine saw sunshine for the first time, but I am recovering, and as I said, outside of a few lingering aches (OK, they are probably a bit sharper than aches), suffer mostly from cabin fever. I have not left my house, except for a few walks around the block, for 8 days. So maybe this post is the raving of an isolated, unshaven shadow of a man more akin to the unabomber than the guy you know as David. But here goes.

I have waded into the political fray only to prophesy that if McCain won the Republican ticket, then Obama would hear “Hail to the Chief.” And also to write the award-winning (in my own mind) post about Obama and the Antichrist. Well. Whilst lurking stealthily in the nether regions of the blogosphere, I have been listening to my fellow Basketeers. Rob, I hear you. Al, right back atcha.

I’m declaring that I will also vote “No.” Obama? No. McCain? Uh-uh. The movement has officially begun.

And it’s funny. I have this lingering feeling that if McCain had made the right veep choice, I could have been persuaded to vote for him (teeth gritted, back stiffened by pragmatism, lesser-of-two-evils grimace on my face). But voting for a Maverick goes against every bone in my Burkean body. Edmund Burke – who has been called the “Patriarch of Permanent Things” – while critiquing the Revolution in France, wrote this:

In England we have not been completely embowelled of our natural entrails; we still feel within us, and we cherish and cultivate, those inbred sentiments which are the faithful guardians, the active monitors of our duty, the true supporters of all liberal and manly morals.

When I look at the presidential ticket, I have this sense that in order to vote either for McCain and his eye candy veep or Obama and his pretender veep, I would have to be “embowelled of my natural entrails.” I would have to cashier my basic revulsion for populism and my sensibilities that draw me toward tradition, gentlemanly courage, and the wisdom, prudence, and vision that can only come from experience – and vote either for a man who I believe truly could have greatness in him but lacks moral clarity and so much more (Obama) or a man who, rather than real wisdom and integrity, possesses instead a hot-headed hawkishness that wouldn’t befit a PTA president, much less the leader of the free world.

And speaking of PTA presidents, Sarah Palin is not a creditable pick for vice president. Only contemporary bumfuzzled conservatives could think otherwise. For a lot of the same reasons Rob asserts. And, both George Will and David Brooks say it far more cogently and eloquently than I could (of course): Palin is simply not prepared. She is a bad choice. She is (I join the refrain) not qualified, as Gibson, Hannity (groan), and Couric only serve to show.

And so that reflects back to McCain. Palin was a politically expedient choice, pure and simple, that would require a mother of an infant effectively to abandon her children, a choice that was “a visceral judgment by one who is confidently righteous,” says George Will, a choice that shows McCain to lack the qualities of statesmanship he rather too eagerly professes.

Brooks sums Governor Palin up well:

Sarah Palin has many virtues. If you wanted someone to destroy a corrupt establishment, she’d be your woman. But the constructive act of governance is another matter. She has not been engaged in national issues, does not have a repertoire of historic patterns and, like President Bush, she seems to compensate for her lack of experience with brashness and excessive decisiveness.

So I’m with you, Rob. I will also vote “No.”

Except my vote will be “Hell no.”


You asked for it, loyal readers, you got it:

Just send $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Wear with pride.


15 responses to “In Which I Join the Refrain

  1. AAGH!
    Y’all are killing me!
    Conservatives and yes, Christians staying away from the polls will all but guarantee an Obama win!
    Y’all following Obama’s jackboots in Missouri?
    To intimidate anyone who refutes or question the Obamamessiah’s intentions?
    I would like for the after the handbasket effect (no offense boys) to be not so soon….

  2. So, Melissa, you’d rather go over the cliff at 60 mph than at 80mph?

    I’d rather say, “Stop!”

    If there’s a better way, I’m open to it. Honest.

  3. Ha! Pastor Hadding, I totally used the same metaphor on the last post before I saw this! Yeah, I’d rather stick my feet out and try that way. Cause even 60 always seems to turn into 65 . . . . and then 70 . . . .

  4. If someone will do up the art work and save it as a JPG I will get the T-shits made. Perhaps the words McCain and Obmahsiah with the red circle and a line over their names. I don’t know… you artsy people make it pretty and the t-shirts will role…

    al sends

  5. Ya know, the voting “no” thing, by definition, is “going negative.” We’re doomed to success if the past is anything to go by.

  6. Mr. Anthony,

    Thanks for stopping by… I appreciate voting against the Obamasiah, but I do not thing voting against him is a positive good if the guy we are voting for is almost as flawed. He is an empire continuing stateist, who is banking on the evangelicals to accept the another pretender to the throne of King Jesus.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, 6 times, well…

    al sends

  7. Agreed Al,
    But to stand by and try to remain neutral is just not something that I think we have as an option. We don’t always have “an option we like.” I don’t like this either. The ONLY reason I can hold my nose and pull the lever is because of his time in uniform. Being a Vet does buy some mercy from me.
    In 2 Sam. 24:10-17 David was given three terrible choices. I think the “church” has been neutral long enough now that God has reduced our choices to these two. This was our sin just as David had his sin. Just as David had to make a choice, suffer the results and then repent, I believe that is the path the church must take today.
    BTW when this pick someone thing was in it’s first week, the only one I liked out of all of the choices was Dr. Ron Paul. His walk matches his talk and he wants to follow the US Constitution.
    Thanks for letting me hang around and read what you guys are thinking. It helps keep me up to speed.

  8. Ed,
    re: James 4:17, exactly my point.

    I’ve tried to explain elsewhere that neutrality is exactly not what I’m advocating. I am saying that an active vote of no is making the statement that I do not accept the alternatives.

    When Joshua asked the Commander of the army of the Lord, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” he was asking an either/or question. To which the Commander said, “No.” The rest of his response indicates that he had a purpose that was beyond what even Joshua could conceive of.

    Now I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, and there is a sense in which we have the responsibility to make choices that are best among those presented. But in the present case, to choose either would be to choose something bad (stricnine vs. hemlock – going over the cliff at 60 vs. going over the cliff at 80).

    In my mind the right thing to do is to say no. If there is a better way to express it – a more effective way – I’m all ears. In the end, as I’ve said before, it may be screaming into my pillow in a sound proof room in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, but, to borrow from David Wells, if we are called to bay at the moon, then bay we must.

    I’m glad you’re participating in this conversation.

  9. Rob;
    Your reference to Joshua is very good,….I hadn’t looked at that,…….I’ll have to chew on that cud for a spell,…….you may have something. You know it’s
    just not in my nature to let something this important roll by without a fight. I just see us [the church] being here in this mess because we “passed” on so many tough issues in the past. (civil rights etc.) Often, the cross we carry is of our own making. Cheap theology, man-pleasing, wolves in sheep’s clothing preachers have brought us to this place. But, to use your analogy, I have a slightly better chance at changing the course of things at 60mph than I do at 80mph. 🙂


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