Meow, Man.


Color? Check.
Accessories? Check.
Potty habits? Check.
Emotional state? Check.
Gender? Check.
Species? Um.

[HT: Becky J and sister Abby]

[EDIT: For the steadfast, I also give to you the source of the phrase, “Meow, man.” It takes a couple of minutes, but well worth it. Kevin, it’s especially for you, Mr. Helper of the Technologically Idiotic Guy.]


10 responses to “Meow, Man.

  1. It shows up for me, but I think I’m the only one. I have no idea why. And with all my technological genius (heh), I’m pretty sure it will remain a mystery for the ages. I’ll try to fix it. In case I can’t, just know that it is the funniest thing ever in the history of the universe. That’s all.

  2. The reason it shows up for you and on one else is because the img tag refers to

    And sense we would need to logon to your att webmail to see it, we fortunately for you, can’t.

    You need to save the image to your computer and then upload it to wordpress.

  3. Me three.

    Maybe the folks in the next post were eating some that of that cat smothered, covered, diced, and slathered with their waffles.

  4. Rob, we enjoyed the journey down memory lane with your “Meow, man.” link! Found out Daws Butler did the voice of the wolf, and he also did the voices for Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, and too many more to name. Those Droopy cartoons were awesome, but the wolf made them even more hilarious! So, thanks!

  5. That is one ugly cat!!! Back in my hometown of Mansfield, LA we would call it a nocturnal, marsupial … better known as an opossum or just possum for short. We have them here in Tennessee but most of them are found on the side of the road with their head flat and eyes bulged out. What ever you call it, it is still ugly. Did you ever stop to think no one has used the opossum as they “team mascot”?

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