How Shall We Then Vote?

Life is way too busy for me to post as extensively on this issue as I would like. I’m in the midst of working through several questions concerning the relationship between the church and the state, and it is proving to be a very interesting line of inquiry. I hope to post on some of this at some point, but for now I can only interact with what is immediately before us, namely, the 2008 presidential election.

Before the introduction of Sarah Palin as the vice presidential running mate to John McCain, it was rather fashionable in evangelical circles to express disdain for and displeasure with the presumptive Republican candidate. His positions, taken as a whole, were simply not conservative enough (whatever that means). From the thoughtful to the unthinking, however, it seemed likely that it would be a hold-your-nose-and-vote election to keep Barack Obama from taking office. Obama bin Biden, you see, is feared to be a Muslim in drag who would, once elected, hand us over to Osama bin Laden, and cause us all to take the mark of the beast and marry gay evolutionary abortionists. So it isn’t so much that McCain had traction as it was the desperate desire to keep the Antichrist out of the white house.

Enter the gun-toting, baby-having, beauty-queen, governess of a state with the population the size of most home towns (nothing personal, my Alaskan friends). More can be read about her from various perspectives than I could possibly cover here, so Google her and see what people think. My point here is that she, for about a quadrabazillion reasons, in my humble, is not qualified for the job. But evangelicals have gone wackers because she has a bunch of kids and didn’t abort her baby with Downs Syndrome. Now, lest you misunderstand, I give her a standing ovation for keeping and loving her son. I am pro-life. Very. But that does not qualify her to be president any more than it does me.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, time is short, so I’ll cut to the chase. What is a Christian voter to do? I’ve considered the options, which are few (you can sort those out pretty easily for yourself as well). In the end, I’ve decided to vote my conviction and conscience. I’m voting NO!


18 responses to “How Shall We Then Vote?

  1. Try looking at what Palin’s beliefs are and how she has done business in Wasilla. Sorry, but he is 72 years old and she is very, very, ambitious.

    As Gov., Palin and her staff were routinely noticed, NOT using government e-mails. Personal e-mails can’t be supoenaed.

    On the abortion issue alone, it can’t be solved with out compromise, and an understanding that there are other things to consider. People in low income areas will often get their pre-natal care at those same clinics. These teens don’t have anyone to teach them the facts of life. If truth be told, the church goers don’t counsil their kids at all. (I taught in a Catholic HS. If you don’t believe me, ask them.) So, if you take away abortion rights, and contraceptives and sex ed, where does that leave the people who live in poverty? See what I mean?

    Her voting on bills that require a science approach, like wild-game control, have eradicated the science/wildlife management part. There are no bioligists making the decision on aerial killings now. OK, it’s game control, but, she still lifted science right out of the picture. Will she deny global warming experts? There is already talk, IN Alaska, that she hid the findings of the polar bear being endangered. I know, it’s just a bear you say. But. If you can “hide” the truth about one thing, how easy about another?

    Think about how close a Evangelical Fundamentalist is to a Muslim Fundamentalist, in their approach.

    This passage is from a blog, sent to me by a friend in Wasilla. It was written by a Baptist Minister. He wrote a book, “Pastor, I am Gay”. after spending time counseling gay men. After taking the time to know and talk to people, it’s always harder to point the finger at them. So he wrote the book to try to open some doors of understanding. Well, guess what book Ms. Palin was inquiring after?

    I hope that this passage from the blog is enough to swing you to the side of the democrats. It was for me, because I worked in a school with Evangelicals for several years, and have seen just how easy it is to “lie” in the name of Jesus, and point the finger and yell “devil” at anyone who was different.
    Bess is unnerved by the prospect of Palin — a woman whose mind is given to dogmatic certitude — standing one step away from the Oval Office. “It’s truly frightening that someone like Sarah has risen to the national level,” Bess said. “Like all religious fundamentalists — Christian, Jewish, Muslim — she is a dualist. They view life as an ongoing struggle to the finish between good and evil. Their mind-set is that you do not do business with evil — you destroy it. Talking with the enemy is not part of their plan. That puts someone like Obama on the side of evil.

    “Forget all this chatter about whether or not she knows what the Bush doctrine is. That’s trivial. The real disturbing thing about Sarah is her mind-set. It’s her underlying belief system that will influence how she responds in an international crisis, if she’s ever in that position, and has the full might of the U.S. military in her hands. She gave some indication of that thinking in her ABC interview, when she suggested how willing she would be to go to war with Russia.

    “Alaskans liked that certitude when she was dealing with corrupt politicians and the oil industry — and there is something admirable about it. But when you’re dealing with a complex and dangerous world as commander in chief, that’s a different story.” Howard Bess
    I hope, for the sake of my children and yours, and most importantly for the sake of the children living in inner cities, that you will at least think about all this. Obama was the first man that this white, over 50, Catholic woman, who grew up in Baltimore City and works in DC, has ever heard address the heart of the race issue in this country.

  2. Two reasons to consider Sara Palin…

    First of all, Tina Fey cracks me up. More Plain = More Fey.

    Second, part of our problem in this country is moderately imperialistic presidency. Democracy for every country, their populations be damned and all that. Less competent is not always bad.

    If the government that governs least governs best then this is one of the best sessions of Congress we have seen in quite awhile. I say, bring the work ethic and vision the current Congress to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    al sends

  3. Okay, tell me the difference. And concerning qualifications, were Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, qualified? Are Barr, Nader, and Baldwin qualified?

  4. Quotes like this are the difference: “It is not what we have that will make us a great nation; it is the way in which we use it.” It isn’t just resume’, but the content of mind. And, as I look across the list of names…I agree…not qualified. Any of them. Is it any wonder we’re in the fix we’re in?

    I think the choice of Palin is cynical, and I think we who are conservative are being played. I don’t think the pay off is worth the sale of our soul. As I read somewhere else, I’m getting that Lucy-holding-the-football-for-Charlie-Brown feeling. I think it’s time we tell Lucy, “No, thanks.”

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  6. I have been lurking here for a while, so please, do not regard this as spam.
    Vote No?
    Are you kidding?
    Not voting, essentially, will hand our country, the well being of ourselves and our families to the tender mercies of Obama and his ilk. Those people have proven over and over again that they do not have the best interest of our country at heart. Socialism and Marxism have been proven failures and that is what Obama would like to lead us to.
    I have prayed about this election and agonized over it.
    I have a duty, nay, a commitment to God and country to vote for the person (s) who will best lead this country. I may not be thrilled with the choices, but I do believe the McCain / Palin ticket is the best way to go.
    They at least, in my opinion, will do the least harm to our country.
    We all have an opinion… no?

  7. Melissa,

    You are not alone in your sentiment. In fact, I think you are in the majority of conservative voters. I just think neither choice is good.

    Doug Wilson (who is, last I read considering a McCain / Palin vote) said the difference (pre-Palin) was going over the cliff at 80 mph vs. 60 mph. I still see it to be so. Can’t say yes to either.

  8. Oh, and since Rob lost his manners when he lost the will to vote…

    Melissa, welcome and thanks for the comment.

    al sends
    (and you know I love Rob H.)

  9. Oh yeah! Sorry Melissa. Welcome!

    (I don’t mean to be a jerk. It just sorta happens from time to time.)

    Thanks, Al
    (and the love flows east and west!)

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