The Gods Do Die…

… and the cathedral stands empty.

Oh, and you are killing them.


12 responses to “The Gods Do Die…

  1. David… heh!

    I often tell people that there is nothing as beautiful as a tree that has been cut down and made into something useful, like a table.

    al sends

  2. This sure has the ear marks of Al Gore. It seems to be the after math of a single carbon offset. Al Gore has spoken: The world must embrace a “carbon-neutral lifestyle. … and look at what it has gotten us.
    I am truly glad that my God is not dead.

  3. Becky… if it were in my power to give it back, it would be his. Unfortunately God has only given me the power to move the clock forward. Please pass on my apologies. Oh, and thanks for the link… it completes the time loop.

    al sends

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