Wine, Women and Song…

… Jim Jordan teaches us some stuff.

Jim Jordan has been at our church for a few weeks now and he is teaching through some elements of worship with us.  Specificaly he is teaching on music and its use in the Church’s liturgy.  He has made the point that one thing the New Covenant does is restore the right place of wine, women and music in the life of the Church.

Give a listen if you are so inclined… I think you will be blessed.


Jim Jordan Wine, Women and Song pt 1

Wine Women and Song pt 2

Here is the Sermon Page for our Church I am continuing a sermon series on worship.

al sends


3 responses to “Wine, Women and Song…

  1. 1. Who exactly is Jim Jordan?
    2. He isn’t the Jim Jordan who comments at my blog, is he?
    3. If my signature is anything other than Dan Phillips, it’s because gravatar’s whacked, or haloscan’s whacked, or something. I’ve tried fixing, and… it’s baffled me. I emailed them. No answer yet. Sorry.

  2. Hey Dan,

    When you post showed up in my email and I saw your signature, I was cursing porn spam. Then I saw it was you. I did not curse you.

    Jim Jordan is an influential guy within FV and CRE circles. He is a Rushdoony contemporary and they served together in Tyler, Texas during the whole Christian Reconstruction movement.

    He spends most of his time now teaching on worship. He is steeped in the history of Christian worship, but does not think we all changes to our worship should have or did stop after the 7th Ecumenical Council (a la Easter Orthodoxy), but does teach that there is much to learn from the early church.

    He has a blog and a web site if you would like to learn more. I probably should have linked that in the original post.

    Hope you are having a nice Labor Day. We just went to the beach to see how Gustav is kicking up the surf. Pretty impressive.

    al sends

  3. Don’t know why I should think this adds anything to the discussion; it doesn’t, but in any case it’s a great quote.

    “Who loves not wine, women and song, Remains a fool his whole life long.” – Martin Luther

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