Ron Who?…

… contemplating scraping the Ron Paul sticker off my truck.

Sarah Palin.  I like.

Not that she is a Libertarian or anything; more of a populist really, but she is seriously anti-infanticide and appears to be a small government conservative.  Given John McCain’s age and the possibility that he will only stand for one term, we may see “Palin for President” and “Hillary in 2012” stickers competing for a place on our Soccer Mom’s bumpers.  I think Sarah might win that one as well.

Exit questions…

Is Sarah Palin America’s Deborah?  Will there be no glory for Barak McCain at the end of this journey?

Just curious.

al sends


10 responses to “Ron Who?…

  1. In the video McCain keeps messing with his wedding ring finger. Either he’s reminding himself of something or he’s playing a really public private game of pull my finger. That, and what does he keep looking at? Watch his eyes.

    Am I the only one who has noticed this stuff?

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just stinkin’ sayin’.

  2. If she became VP, she would no doubt be better than His Creepiness, Dick Cheney–especially given her position on corporate lobbying. I am still concerned about the McCain ticket, though. It promises to do little to curb the image of Republican Party as war party. What I want to know from my candidate is that he/she will stand up to Israel and give them no guarantees if they up and strike Iran. War pacts are the stuff of devastating world wars. From what I can tell so far, McCain is a saber-rattler. I’m not sure that an Army mom would be any different (see C. S. Lewis from Mere Christianity on the natural bellicosity of women as opposed appeasing men).

  3. I agree JP. My contemplation is primarily based upon her abortion stance. I think she will move McCain closer to nominating a prolife justice.

    I don’t know that either party has a very good chance of keeping us out of further conflict vis-a-vi Israel. There are machinations at work here. Machinations I tell ya.

    al sends

  4. Jonny, I’m not sure what Knox would say, but he would say it with a very cool accent.

    This is all about getting elected. McCain landed a sucker punch hard on the nose of the Obama camp, but in the end it is less about principle than votes. Initial hooty hoot notwithstanding, there’s still plenty to shudder over. And, Al, I agree…there are machinations at work.

    I’m moving to Scotland to do some research on what Knox would have said…and how cool he would sound saying it.

  5. “Woman in her greatest perfection was made to serve and obey man, not to rule and command him.”

    “A woman promoted to sit in the seat of God (that is, to teach, to judge, or to reign above man) is a monster in nature, contumely to God, and a thing most repugnant to his will and ordinance.”

    John Knox, “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women,”
    1558. See

    I agree that this appears to be a masterful political move – certainly for the moment (which is all that really matters in politics anyhow). Conservatives are swooning all over this one. Basically, there are only a few conservatives who will be turned off by the selection of a self-described feminist as Vice-President. It will mainly be those who are like John Knox, and there are not a whole lot of those types around.

  6. Calvin and Knox disagreed about this and it caused a bit of a rift. I am looking for some letters that Calvin wrote concerning this subject and Knox’s book and if I find them I will put up a new post.

    al sends

  7. Al,

    I look forward to the post. If my memory serves me correctly they were both agreed that women rulers went against God’s revealed will. The difference, I believe, was over whether or not they should be overturned by force. Knox allowed for this, Calvin was more hesitant. Calvin allowed for God’s providence in the existence of women rulers – and since God’s providence has put them in place we must tolerate such rulers (I believe he would see this as God’s punishment on a nation). Knox is much harsher, Calvin calmer. But their views should be looked at in more detail, especially in light of our contemporary situation. One of the questions raised in light of this discussion is, if God raises a woman up to be President of the United States is this punishment from God?

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