Kingdom Advances…

… is this one?


Remember this quote from William Paley 

If He had wished our misery He might have made our senses instruments of pain to us.  He might have made every taste bitter, every touch a sting, every smell a stench and every sound a discord.

How cruel would it be for the opposite to be true?  What if God made every taste banana pudding?  Every touch a kiss?  Every smell baking bread?  Every sound Haydn’s trumpet concerto in E flat ?   Would that be Hell on Earth or an advancement of the Kingdom?


Ponder that as you read this:


Now, your brussel sprouts  will taste like apples. 


al sends



3 responses to “Kingdom Advances…

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  2. Did they see I am Legend? How can we possibly know the consequences of causing plants with no resistive qualities to be manipulated to have them? Seriously, this year the pesticide in the dog/cat flea medicine Frontline isn’t killing fleas…they’ve become immune. It never goes good when we mess when with what God created.

    Gen. 1:31 “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was VERY good.”

  3. If Brussels sprouts tasted like apples, I’d eat ’em. How bad is that?

    Kind of like breeding dogs into Border Collies…how is that bad?

    Perhaps God created diversity, in part so that we could figure out how to mix and match things we like. Maybe?

    Genetic engineering can be dangerous, but really, most of what we eat was engineered into it’s present form. Maybe we could get liver to taste like filet mignon? I’d go for that!!

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