You Say Tomato…

… I say jalapeño.

Reading Lusk got me thinking about good food and fellowship; specifically, a dinner at Cracker Barrel where a friend of mine ordered a salad.  The waitress informed him that there would be no tomatoes on his bowl of house greens.  You see, the government had determined that tomatoes were killing folks.  Specifically a salmonella outbreak that out West was linked to tomatos (we are in the Pan Handle of Florida).

Here is the thing, the government was absolutely certain that they had the right source.  They exercised their certainty in our direction and my friend could not get tomatoes on his salad.  Of course, his inconvenience is nothing compared to farmers who lost thousands of dollars in crops.

Here is a further thing… He could have had all the jalapeños he wanted.  As you may know, the government is now positive that the source for the salmonella is actually one pepper from Mexico.   Positive I say. 

Who will tell them no?

al sends


2 responses to “You Say Tomato…

  1. I suspect that the govt’s action is unrelated to any benevolent concern for public health and safety. Methinks that like the war on drugs it has more to do with price support for certain beneficiaries.

  2. Yes, I found the shift from “blame the tomatos” to “blame the jalapeños” very interesting as well. As W. O. Wilson jr. mentioned: I wonder how much money has changed pockets up there in Washington.

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