Obama Carries This Blog

So, a couple of months ago David posted this satirical post as an experiment in post generation from search engines. All I can say is, “Um, wow.” It is singularly the most viewed post in our blog’s short but anonymous existence, and on any given day can be the most viewed of the day with searches coming from a variety of search inquiries. Most days it is the top of the Digging What We’re Shoveling pile (to your right). Sometimes people still comment on it (which can be hilarious!). There are even days when if it weren’t for this post, the sound of the crickets would be, well, really loud. So thanks, Mr. Obama. We’re number three in the Obama Antichrist of the Book of Revelations category on Google…after Snopes.


7 responses to “Obama Carries This Blog

  1. Today’s biggest search, leading folks to our site, is ‘JonPaulPope.’ All one word and worth almost 60 hits from Google today. Thanks JP!

    al sends

  2. follow up… if you google ‘jonpaulpope antichrist’ our site is the only one that comes up. Coincidence or should I never have a beer with JP again. The possibilities are terrifying.

    al sends

  3. JP’s been kicking up a lot of sand over on Wilson’s blog. Maybe the, um, Federales are looking him up to discover the cut of his jib.

    On the antichrist thing…his name is Jon Paul Pope! (sorry. low hanging 1689 fruit.)

  4. Nice. I have a few posts which generate a lot of traffic. Mostly traffic I’m not trying to attract. However, this does inspire me to do more satirical posts to lure the unsuspecting nut-jobs to my site.

    Here’s a tip to get even more visitors, use equally creatively titled images in your posts. I find that I get a lot of image search traffic in addition to my keyword traffic.

  5. Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama ….

    Maybe if his name were to appear 666 times in a row, that would up our stats. And by the way our stat counter for the original post is inching ever closer to 666.

    Spooky, isn’t it?

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