Who Me?

My son sat through the sermon portion of the worship service for the first time yesterday. This is a big deal. He has not yet learned all of the rules of propriety in such a setting, so he has no compunction about asking whatever question may come to mind.

During the sermon I said, “Children, obey your parents.” Sam, recognizing that he was a child and had parents, immediately sensed that there might be something in the sermon for him. Boldly and unashamedly he asked, “Who me?” To which I responded, smiling, “Yes, Sam. Especially you.”

There was a slight pause and his face showed his embarrassed understanding. He then said, “Okay. Keep speeching.” (As if to say, “Move along…nothing to see here.”)

Later on in the afternoon Sam said, “I’m sorry for everything I ever did wrong.” He said it in a “Sam” kind of way, so discerning the point was not that easy. But I think God’s Spirit may be working on my little autistic boy’s heart. Good things.


3 responses to “Who Me?

  1. Awww, too cute! So great to hear that he sat through like that! Mine wouldn’t..we’re lucky to get through some songs. Congrats to you and little guy, sounds like a real sweetie!

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