A ViVAcious Howdy

Life never VAries. What never VAries is the constant VAriation. Everything changes all the time. I’m not preVAricating or being caVAlier either. Not irreleVAnt to this discussion is the fact that my family and I just moved several states away. Said goodbye to unbelieVAbly good friends (did I aggraVAte Al?) and a perVAsively blessed place of ministry. But, alas, we believe that the Triune God is sovereign, not just in salVAtion, narrowly considered, but in every obserVAble realm of life. God led us to a different place and a different (but hopefully equally VAluable) position of ministry, and we have simply tried to cultiVAte a spirit of serVAnthood and joy. His grace is so VAst, isn’t it?

All that said, here I am back in the basket. My family certainly felt like VAgabonds for a while — the traVAil of packing, saying goodbye both priVAtely and publicly, then jumping in the VAn and going on VAcation, and finally inVAding a new state and discovering a very liVAble situation upon our arriVAl. So after settling in, here I am, aVAilable for posting again.

Rob, Al, I miss you guys.

Oh yeah, I’m living in Roanoke, VirginiA now. Howdy from the Commonwealth, boys.


5 responses to “A ViVAcious Howdy

  1. Don’t FLagellate yourself over leaving. Time FLies when friends are FLeeing, but we not FLipant in our memories. It is no triFLing thing that we were partners in a good work and I rejoice before the Lord that he gave us so many years as co-laborers. It is the FLower of Grace that gives strength to the FLesh and we pray that the same Grace accompany you on FLights to the third Heaven.

    We miss you too.

    al sends

    If i turn just right I remember you. More accurately, my back remembers your piano.

  2. Since you FLed the area, I’m FLabbergasted that this is the first I’ve heard from you. We understand you are busy, but your FLagrant disregard concerning your inFLuence over your former FLock FLoors me. As I reFLect on the matter, the conFLict is overwhelming. In fact, I’m downright inFLamed.

    Ed, in FL

    PS – How is that lovely FLower of a wife? And we do sincerely miss you!
    (This is harder than it looks. Al, triFLling is a good one. And for the record, David, I’m sorry my back missed your piano. But not half as sorry as Al).

  3. Okay, so I just was working on a long thing with a bunch of CAs in it (I was born in California), but it got really tired really fast. David, we are glad you’re blogging with us again, even if it is from a zillion miles away.

    Keep the posts coming.

  4. The FL thing was difficult. Ed told me his secret to finding words with FL and David told me his secret for the VAs. I would just like to say that mine was pure mental power, making triFLing even more impressive.

    We are really glad you are back with us David. Look how prideful I have gotten in your absence.

    al sends

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