You Have Choices…

… why are you here again?

Well, Google recently announced that they had cataloged over one TRILLION unique web pages. 10 years ago they had ‘only’ 26 million pages. They add several billion pages a day to their database.

If you start now and visit 500 pages per day, it will take you over five million years* to visit all the pages that existed when this number was tallied.  Get busy.

al sends

*somebody check my math.


One response to “You Have Choices…

  1. Why am I here? I’ll tell ya. I got nothin’ better to do.

    Just kidding! This blog is usually my first stop after email in the AM. Then I work my way down the list. (Mutiny’s second.)

    Keep it up guys! BTW, really missing David’s presence here. On the blog and irl. I know you guys are too. Looking forward to seeing his posts again soon.

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