Simply The Best School In Pensacola…

… Trinitas Christian School.

al sends


9 responses to “Simply The Best School In Pensacola…

  1. More thoughts.

    I love the bit where Ava Abney says that the school pushes students beyond a point they thought they could go. Cue the picture of Joshua Heifner in bell choir.

    Gary says we have a soccer program. Well sort of. What we have is a game where every student gets their own ball which they repeatedly jump over.

    Rob, you’re a natural.

  2. hand bells rock…

    Hey, have you seen the new soccer goals? They are pretty cool.

    By the way, you looked fantastic in your shots. I think you are better looking on TV than in person. Not that I noticed how good looking you are or anything.

    al sends

  3. One more thing…

    Just in case you missed it, that is our own Rob Hadding. My lovely wife and all my kids are in there somewhere as well.

    David is in one of the still shots, leading either a prayer meeting or a huddle in a flag football game.

    I am not in any of the shots, which is understandable as I have a face for radio.

    al sends

  4. My dad cringes at the coffee line every time.

    Anything is better than what they were initially planning on, Jon Paul. Mary Kimmel spiking a volleyball into a crowd of smaller, unequipped children and turning with a rosy grin: “Boy that felt good!”

    Pastor Stout, you and me both as far as radio faces. You notice which phase of the advertising campaign I got picked for?

  5. Yeah, Al, I wanted you to send Mary a message: She should be careful about coming across as more eloquent than the rest of us. Rhetoric is supposed to be our turf. 🙂 Seriously, she did a great job.

    Also, knowing that it was David’s team vs. Ken’s, it was probably both huddle and prayer meeting.

    Kaleb, your father should already be prepared for every staff meeting next year to be peppered with references to his already infamous one-liner. We don’t forget material like that. I was actually disappointed they didn’t use the MPK Spike of Death. The thing is, she made me believe her.

  6. JP, she made me believe her too, and I was there watching. And she did it at least 300 times, and, disconcertingly, got more enthusiastic each time. Those poor boys were begging for a respite.

    Actually, they were just begging to do more than tap the ball back over. They were ready to slam.

  7. To those of you who feel slighted by not having your face as the poster frame, JP should know that I only had three random shots (as automatically selected, presumably, by YouTube) to chose from. His was the least objectionable, although he is a very pretty man. Yes, Rob and Mary did well too.

    And, ironically, the coffee pot is actually broken, or so I am told.

  8. Trinitas truly builds character and I count it a privilege that Mary is one of the teachers and that my grandchildren are getting an education that is grounding them in a Biblical Christian world view. Over the years Frances and I have gotten to know many of the staff, faculty, and students and I have observed that no matter where I cross paths with a member of the Trinitas student body they represent Trinitas well and can carry on an adult conversation about matters of importance. We support Trinitas on a regular basis and attend every function we can, considering we live in Tennessee, but every trip has been rewarding. Trinitas is truly an asset to the world of academia.

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