Free Choice…

… in the midst of many pleasures.

Here is the deal…  Rob pointed out that we are approaching 25K visitors to this here backwater of a blog.  Not bad considering sometimes we post pictures of pie.  Lovely blueberry pie….  pie.

With that in mind here is what we are going to do.  I will put up a post after we cross the 25K mark and the first one to comment on that post will get one of these books – your choice:

So there you are…  click the links to peruse the titles and stand by to win.  Tell your friends.  And look at my wife’s blueberry pie, she worked hard to make it.

UPDATE:  Is it wrong to change the rules with 8 refreshes left until 25K?  I hope not cuz here goes…

I am picking a number between 1 and 40.  If you are that commentor (not counting admin posts) you will win the book of your choice.

Please make your posts substantive.  Feel free to pass on constructive criticism or tell Rob how much younger he looks than me.  He likes that.

al sends


6 responses to “Free Choice…

  1. One of two things here. Either …

    1. you are impressed with my generosity.


    2. you are dismayed at my book choices.

    al sends

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