Bumper Crop…

… of blueberries.

We have blueberry bushes on the side of our house.  They were prolific this year and we were thankful.  He is the Lord of the Harvest.

Behold…  the pie!

Click the image for a close up look at pie perfection.

And yes it tastes as good as it looks.

al sends


11 responses to “Bumper Crop…

  1. I had lunch with Rob today and I told him to tell you to come on by and pick away. I think we are about full of berries. As to my lawn, my riding mower has been down for almost a month now and I keep getting the stiff arm from my various mechanics. It should be ready next Monday they tell me. May God be merciful to me and my neighbors and make that so.

    We have pushed mowed the backyard and a bit of the front, but there is about an acre and a half that need it in the worst way. I am sorry that you have to drive by it Dan.

    al sends

  2. You’ve got grass?

    We’ve gone 45 days plus without rain, during the hottest season and wettest season. Unprecedented. The trees are literally drouping to the ground. Honest, their are tossing their leaves to conserve water. Eventhough our town has 100% water supplies they only let us water three times a week, insufficient for this climate in any year. Beside that, during the summer there is a primium tax on every gallon over 10,000 per month. I have three kids and a wife and use that much on laundry, dishes and bathroom functions. Add to that, I do not have a spinkler system and the result is about twenty hours here of manual moves and another at my eightyfive year old mother’s and I clock some 40 or more hours in sprinkler-sitting/week. Beside that, it is in the mid-nineties and without the afternoon showers it won’t cool off enough to stay the attack of radiant heat when the sun goes down. No air conditioning and couldn’t afford the electricity if I did, and an asterroid just hit my Hugo.

    We could use that berry juice. But in lieu of that, your prayers.

  3. TT, wow that is a bummer. We have hot, humid days but we have gotten plenty of rain this year. We are also at the end of several river systems and our ground water is plentiful.

    You don’t have A/C? God bless you brother.

    What part of the country do you live in. if you don’t mind me asking.

    al sends

  4. I got one little A/C, but it sucks the energy and only cools one room, so I didn’t put it in last year, and this year hope to get by without it, also. Eighty-five inside is becoming bearable…

    I live in Cheyenne, a mini-Death valley with a plateau on three sides and to the East elevation and then down hill to Nebraska. Storms tend to skirt the rim and gather after they have passed town. Our water restrictions have only exacerbated the problem because our soil is about 90% clay and when it gets dry it is like concrete. We have created our own heat-sink that domes the city. Any moister passing over dries in the atmosphere and recondences to the East, usually.

    We did get .30 inches two days ago but the major fronts that have gone through dump rain all around us and leave us low and dry. Our annual rain fall is fourteen inches appx. and we are nearly four inches behind for the year. As it stands now, unless we get substantial rain for about thirty days straight it will do no good. A little simple brings the tops to green just enought for the heat to sap the roots.

    The clay, by the way, is like a sponge and if you have seen a dry sponge then you can understand what happens to roads, sidewalks and foundations as it dries out. That is seconded by the swelling of it when it takes up moisture again. The result is buckling. A contractor told my former church building committee not to try and lift a foyer that had settled with the contraction because when it rains sufficiently we would just have the same problem in reverse if we fixed it.

    So I have blathered, thanks for the concern. Since I don’t believe in Global warming, I am trying to find out who the Achan is among us that has brought this plague. I love blueberries by the way and my wife she loves blueberries more and I am not sure about me.

  5. Hey, I just wanted to say prayers have been answered; we are now only two inches behind for the year. Got a soaking a couple of days ago, 2.02 inches. Praise the Lord!

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