I Was Glad When They Said To Me…

… “Let us go into the House of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

An Exhortation to Worship God.

It may have escaped your attention this morning but the sun rose in roughly the same patch of sky it occupied yesterday.  This has been going on morning after morning since creation and while you may not have noticed it I am sure you did not despise it.

Oh no.  It’s the Sun… again.

This rising of the Sun is a wonderfully glorious event that occurs every day.  It is routinely glorious and while there are times when we stop and admire it we are, more often than naught, blinking and basking in its routine glory.

As we were last Sunday we are gathered for worship.  God willing we will gather here again next Sunday and the day will flow pretty much as it did last week and this week.   There may some of you who pause at moments and marvel at the beauty of the Word of God sung or preached. But for most it will all be gloriously routine.

Some will, I am afraid, despise the worship and I want to tell you: it is a sinful heart that despises the routine glory of worship.

Oh no, we are going to confess… again.  Awww, we are going to sing… again.  Another sermon?  Let me guess… Bread and wine?

That, beloved, is an abomination, not because of the routine, but because of a sinful inclination to despise the familiar.

Are you glad someone this morning said to you, “Let us go into the house of the Lord?”  I hope so.

Come let us bow down before Him just as we did before.  Let us pray… again.

al sends


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