Obama: Antichrist of the Book of Revelations?

What does the Book of Revelations tell us about the Antichrist? Will the Antichrist be a Muslim? Is the upcoming presidential election a harbinger of the end when the Antichrist sets up his reign? Is Obama a Muslim? Is Obama the Antichrist? Is Obama mentioned in the Book of Revelations?

Well, no, no, no, no, no, and no. But to think that the answers to any of these questions is yes, you have to be (a) a bad speller, (2) exposed to some really, really bad theology, and (c) determined to think that the United States of America is the climax and pinnacle of human history.

Consider: there is no Book of Revelations in the Bible. There is no person called “the Antichrist” in the Book of Revelation. Barack Obama is a confessing Christian. The United States of America will be on the scrap heap of history long before Christ returns. The Man of Sin was a petty tyrant named Nero now moldering in the Italian loam.

Rather than spending endless amounts of time and energy speculating about screwy-headed eschatalogical schedules and conspiracies, Christians ought to be busy about good works to the glory of God. That is what the Heavenly Father has laid in store for us.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them’ (Ephesians 2:10). Speculating about imaginary end times events is not one of those good works He prepared beforehand.

That’s all I have to say about that.


102 responses to “Obama: Antichrist of the Book of Revelations?

  1. But but but what about all the earthquakes and floods and storms and pestilences and wildfires and wars, aren’t these all signs of the end? What about all the wickedness in the world? Surely Jesus can’t take it any more, he’s just got to come back!

    • Well, sweetheart, there have been earthquakes and floods and storms and pestilences and wildfires and wars since the beginning of time, as we know it. And what about the great flood? If you want to know about wickedness, just start reading Genesis for starters.

      How is it that “there is no book of Revelations in the Bible”? That’s happy horse manure! St. John, the author of Revelations (and yes, it DOES exist in the canon of Holy Scriptures), as well as the other Apostles of the early Church believed that Christ would return during their lifetime. It didn’t happen. Islamic religion did not exist until AD 610. Two thousand years later after the Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ… after countless failed dooms-day predictions, we’re still waiting for the second coming.

      All of this prophetic speculation and accusation is based on ignorant, uneducated, illogical thinking, religious fanaticism and false interpretation of a book, though divinely inspired, yet still a book of religious fiction – the Holy Bible. This is nothing but a ripe breeding ground for hatred, bigotry and evil. The real Antichrist is one who corrupts the Word of God with with such hatred and greed.

  2. Consider: there is no Book of Revelations in the Bible

    Whew. Thought I was going to have to school you big-time on that one.

    …though it appears that may be about the only thing you have “right,” prophetically.

  3. Ummmm….hmmmmm….MY BIBLE does have a book of REVELATIONS!!! And it does speak of an antichrist. It does not say that the antichrist will be muslim, but it does say that the antichrist will come from the east, will be handsome and charming, and will promise change. Obama…well…He cant decide whether he is muslim, christinan, or what?? He professes to be christian but instead of carrying the BIBLE, he carries the Koran??? How can you say one thing and do the opposite and expect the people to believe in you????? OMG, not speculating that Obama is the antichrist, but people need to get a grip. He’s not cut out to be president of this country…PERIOD!!!! How can someone be president of the USA but not love our flag, our anthem, or most importantly what our country stands for, OUR GOD!!!!!!

  4. Sometime today the ‘Obama: Antichrist of the Book of Revelations?’ will surpass the ‘Me on Wilson on Wright’ post as our most popular post evah! This should tell us something about how we title our posts. Something.

    al sends

  5. Oh, and one more thing. I’ve been doing the math. Barack Hussein Obama. The average number of letters per name part is 6. I think that speaks for itself, David…Mr. Smarty Pants Dispy Hater Man.

  6. Hahaha…the average number of letters! Wow…people are crazy these days. Don’t you people have anything better to do? Leave the poor guy alone. He’s not the antichrist.

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  9. Oh MY God, how can anyone in their right mind elect a man who has
    1. Attended a church that spews hatred for over 20 yrs.
    2. Had a wife who attended Princeton U for free and wrote her dissertation on how she hates the very people who gave her the free education.
    3. Carries the Koran as his Holy book, aren’t we at war with these people.
    4. No experience!!!!!
    Thats just a couple of points, I could go on for hrs. I wouldn’t let that man walk my neighbors dog. We need McCain & Palin. Not only is she hot , shes smart.

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  11. Our country is at risk and division could take place over a man being elected that don’t like rednecks and face it our country is made up of alot of rednecks. He don’t respect the USA love the flag and what it stands for.

    In Revelations 13:5 it says that the beast will be allowed to have authority for 42 months which is almost four-year term of presidency

  12. Obama is not the anti-christ. The rapture with be FIRST. Have you seen anyone just up and disappear. Well, I haven’t so therefore until that happens the anti-christ has not come yet. Get over it. All it is are these stupid Republicans are scared because they are not going to be in power any more and they aren’t going to be getting rich anymore from all of us poor folks, so they are trying their best to come up with lies just like George Bush like about going to war so he can get rich from the oil. Point, blank. period.

  13. Obama is not the anti-christ. The rapture will be FIRST. Have you seen anyone just up and disappear. Well, I haven’t so therefore until that happens the anti-christ has not come yet. Get over it. All it is are these stupid Republicans are scared because they are not going to be in power any more and they aren’t going to be getting rich anymore from all of us poor folks, so they are trying their best to come up with lies just like George Bush lied about going to war so he can get rich from the oil. Point, blank. period.

  14. have any of you who spew that is Obama is the anti-Christ by your description, ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe it is talking about Saddam or bin Laden!?? Do you not realize that America did not exist back then as we know it to be now?? Middle east is EAST.

  15. You are so right Dixeychik. If Obama isn’t the Antichrist, he’s paving the way for the real evil dude to come. Look at all his followers…. ready to fall on their swords for him. He will deceive and lead many astray. If you don’t believe in God and the Truth he teaches, you’ll believe in anything and that ANYTHING is Lord Obama. It’s like the liberals worship this guy. His views on abortion is absolutely frightening. He calls himself a Christian but don’t be deceived peeps, his actions show otherwise. This man is pure evil and Godless and it takes a Christian to see through his lies. Liberals are blind because they don’t know Christ. Fasten you seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  16. Wow. I’m a 43 year-old (now) Independent voter who founded a Christian preschool and has lovingly tended its children in Christ for many years.

    Christ preached love. I see much more love in Obama’s messages of unity than I see in any Republican “You’re for us or against us” scare-mongering messages.

    Islam was founded 400 years after the Bible was written, so it makes no sense that a ‘Muslim’ is prophesized as the antichrist.

    People seem to be interpreting Revelation, one of the most important texts of the Bible, to mean that anyone who is articulate and preaches peace should be held in suspicion and mistrust. It’s just so backwards…I am at a loss to understand the way some of our Christian brethren fear and distrust an educated man who wants to unify us all under Christ.

    Please read your Bibles, and not useless scary emails.

    Leviticus 25:35
    ” ‘If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you, help him…so he can continue to live among you.”
    Ephesians 6:23
    Peace to the brothers, and love with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  17. 43,
    I hear you and while I hate the ignorance that passes for biblical interpretation in many of the “Revelations” readers, I do not think Obama is all about love, or unity, or Christ for that matter.

    It is impossible for me to reconcile any Christian claiming love for his neighbor, while promoting the slaughter of the unborn. He is not the Anti-Christ, but neither is he a man pursing justice for the least of those in the kingdom of heaven.

    al sends

  18. 43

    I agree that Obama offers a far preferable rhetoric than the Republicans. They are for war, he, like David, is for peace.

    But I am not entirely convinced that his rhetoric isn’t just rhetoric. Take bipartisanship–not that big of an issue for me, but indicative of how peaceful Obama is. Obama has absolutely no record of bipartanship.

    But even if he really is for peace–and just profoundly deluded about infanticide (which he voted to support)–and there’s no bipartanship because he can’t be cozy with warmongers, the peace he offers us is not Christ and His Church, but liberal America. In short, he idolatrously replaces Christ the Center with American Liberalsim. And as such is just as antiChristian as McCain.

  19. Well, Matthew, you get the award for Sane Comment of the Day, quite probably the only one on this page.

    C’mon, faithful Basket readers, weigh in. Election day is less than two weeks away.

    Is the Antichrist about to get the big promotion?

  20. lol @ Matthew N. I’d love to see a photo of Obama taking a drag.
    I feel sure the Obamasiah is our next president and though I don’t think he’ll unify us all under Christ like the above poster said, there will be a collective sigh at not having watch McCain bumble around for four years.

    I could be wrong on my prediction of Obama as the next pres – “No” might just surprise me and get elected yet.

  21. Rev 9:2
    And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. So the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit.

    Obama’s secondhand smoke rising from the bottomless pit. That’s funny.

    I think it’s Kool to make Obama the butt of our jokes. But it’s a no-Win(ston) situation for him.

  22. These posts are funny. Im not an Obama fan and fail to believe in his false promises. He’ll likely win though and those who voted for him will be just a regretful as I am having voted for Bush LOL. There is hope for me though under Obama. Once I reach 35 I can be President since it takes little experience. My slogan will be “Why Not? You Elected That One” HA!

  23. Beth,

    Obama may not be the Antichrist but he sure fits the descriptions prophesied in the Bible, & as I like to tell non-believers,if you’re right you have nothing to worry about but if I’m right YOU HAVE A LOT TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!!! In response to your comment about stupid republicans, I’m a smart Democrat who has enough sense not to vote for the Democratic nominee in this election

  24. Here is the deal Bob (whose comment I deleted)… Profanity is a poor substitute for intelligent dialog and substanitive argument.

    just saying

    al sends

  25. Unfortunately, people are being lured and ultimately brainwashed by Obama’s silver tongue, his ‘Change’ posters and the cable channel he bought that’s running his ads 24/7. People are voting democrat because they want the Republicans out of the white house instead of looking at where Obama stands on issues – or at least where he’s stood in the past, since his current stance changes so often… Do you realize that this man supports the abortion of babies that are viable outside of the mother’s womb?! I’ll not go into specifics because it is very graphic. Please look it up for yourself (Google: partial birth abortion). Even pro-choicers have to think this is disgusting. Please do your country, your family and yourself a favor by really looking at this guy objectively. I know it’s been a long race, but please educate yourself before it’s too late. Watch Fox News tonight or visit their website: http://www.foxnews.com
    I wouldn’t say Obama is the anti-Christ but he would surely sit down with the anti-Christ without pre-conditions for tea & crumpets on a Sunday afternoon!

  26. Obama is now our preident!!!! I try and have a good heart but I feel very shaken and scared for the future. I feel in my heart this is the begining of the end. He may be a very great man, I do not know him. I am not one to be fooled by speeches broadcasted to recieve votes. Who wouldn’t say what you needed to you win that vote if you are that type of person. What happened to the truth? I think that it is great that we as a nation move forward but who ever said we had to do that and lose our morals our connection to GOD and everything that as a Christian is the basis and rock that we live by. I do not care that he is of a different race. We all come from the same seed. But I am scared of hid past, his beliefs, our future. It wwould not matter what country I lived in I would be concerned for our future. I am not sure if he would be concidered an ANTICHRIST, But I would think that it is time to look at the big picture and where this world is going and who is leading it and where will his leadership send us.

  27. Hey Rebekkah,

    Remember the words of Paul, who was going to be beheaded before the real AntiChrist, Nero:

    Phil 4:4-7

    4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

    5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

    6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    Be anxious for nothing Rebekkah! Your God is still in control.

    al sends

  28. i think all of you who would Believe that President Obama is the anti-christ is scared by words of the Bible is all about CONTROL.. to scare you …and the Bible was written By MAN!! get a grip everybody!! I would suggest you all go read on line…website

    http://www.drturi.com you want to know the Universal truths go here..if you all want to live in FEAR, SCARED – keep on living IN FEAR, and being controlled….
    DR TURI opened my eyes to the Truths, I know now to be more SENSE than to think Obama or any other President candidate is a Anti-christ.. GODS LAWS are UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.. not some MAN made laws…

  29. YEP BETH, YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rep have lost their Power, Control…if you go to a website, even if you are little curious to know what it is..
    Go to —-

    http://www.drturi.com check his website out.. , just learning alot about Universal Laws of Gods.. and its not what YOU THINK…

  30. So Willie,
    Your answer to the ones who would ignorantly point to Obama as the Anti Christ is to point them to Pluto as the Lord of their life?

    Dude, Pluto isn’t even a planet anymore!

    al sends

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  32. Don’t know if any of you guys checked but if you type “obama antichrist book of revelations” into google…you guys are the third link…out of 47,400 results…not a bad ranking I’d say 🙂

  33. Why does it matter what religion Barack Obama is? Have you ever heard of seperation of church and state? Obama was raised by his mother, in a christian household, try reading his book. His father is a muslim, not him, his mother raised him not his father. But beside the point, it doesnt matter what religion he is, or what God he believes in, he was born raised in the united states and he is an american citizen and has obviously done his part because is was elegible to run to the highest seat in office, the president of the united states. I do not believe that he is the antichrist and i have not found any proof that he is. People say that the book of revelation states that the “antichrist” will be a man of muslim dedent in his fortys who will promise false hope and once in power will destroy. I would like for someone to please state exactly where in the book of revelations it says this.

    I would advise that you stop trying to find reasons to put obama down…learn to read or get out and do something and stop pulling little things out of nowhere to make people believe that he is something that he is not.

  34. Rob Says:
    July 17, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Oh, and one more thing. I’ve been doing the math. Barack Hussein Obama. The average number of letters per name part is 6. I think that speaks for itself, David…Mr. Smarty Pants Dispy Hater Man.

    um…..Ronald Wilson Reagan – All have 6 letters in them too…. so…big woop!

  35. well.
    my name has 6 letters in all except the middle to. i am a republic and catholic, but some things are out of hand. like that. that could be anything and anyone.

  36. Wow. Hey Basketeers, I think maybe you guys should all put that little (s) or (j) or whatever you’re supposed to put to let people know you’re joking. I mean, you’d think it’d be obvious that you’re being sarcastic, but I guess there are enough people out there who really believe the ridiculous things you guys are joking about that they can’t tell you apart from the crowd! Granted, it is a little hilarious to see people hit and run this comments section, but… I don’t know. It’s frustrating to me that people don’t know you three personally, and your witty/sarcastic personalities.

    (Wow, am I getting defensive for the Basketeers?)

  37. PS: HOW did I miss all those comments above about the cigarette smoking antichrist? HAHA!! Now THAT is funny! Oh man, I’ll be chuckling about that all day…

  38. I can’t believe I had not read this blog before, this is great.
    (“The” anti-christ or “A” anti-christ?) That’s a good challenge, Good math Rob.

    Lesson learned in the jungles of Vietnam, “When men are fearful, they reach for what they really trust and believe in.” Never fails!

    This is 10 Predictions
    No Matter Who Wins the Election

    1. The Bible will still have all the answers.

    2. Prayer will still work.

    3. The Holy Spirit will still move.

    4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.

    5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.

    6. There will still be saints singing praise to God.

    7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.

    8. There will still be room at the Cross.

    9. Jesus will still love you.

    10. Jesus will still save the lost when they come to Him.


    I was in the throne room just this morning, Jesus was
    still on the throne and it was NOT tipped over.
    And the Lord Jesus Himself assured me that
    All of the above is true and can be trusted…….Brother Ed

  39. The 666 Illinois lottery number is just the icing on the cake! Read the Left Behind series … it really puts things in perspective; I love your sense of humor, and this has been fun reading all the comments, but Revelations basically says that those who think the antichrist is “the one” are so blinded they will never see the truth until it is almost too late… and then some may never understand.

    All you Obama supporters, just think of the nurse that testified before the Illinois Senate about holding a baby who had been thrown in the trash can because it had survived an abortion. She held that baby for about 45 minutes… then when she spoke out about it, she was fired. Obama voted (4 times) against letting that baby live… NOW THAT IS EVIL. And you can’t put a funny twist on that anyway you look at it.

    It is also said that the antichrist’s mother is a prostitute… now when that was written, probably one of the worst things you could do as a woman was to bear a child out of wedlock and who knows if the word prostitute was translated correctly; now , when you get around it’s not called prostitution, it’s called “Sex in the City”.

    While I’m sure Obama’s mom was a nice person, it is said that she had her ways with men and had a few if you know what I mean. That is an unfortunate side effect of running for president – that all your dirty laundry comes out (just ask Palin’s family!). Is there any marriage certificate? Just asking! If there isn’t any, in biblical times, sorry, I don’t mean to be mean, but that would be called prostitution….

    One of my best friends has a Democrat acquaintance who said “I know he’s lying about a lot of stuff, but I still think he’s so articulate and I’m going to vote for him anyway”; it’s like the snake in the garden; I can’t believe how stupid people are to believe him! And even when they don’t believe him, they still vote for him….it’s like a bunch of zombies blindly following him!

    This is what revelation basically says: is that people will blindly follow the antichrist, thinking that he will save them. And that the world basically falls apart, the Middle East is bombed/ huge wars; (also it is predicted that France and Italy will be invaded from their south via the north of Africa by Muslims and their countries will be destroyed); and then it becomes apparent to most people that their Messiah (the antichrist in disguise) is really evil (even though there have been signs all along, it also says that most people will not see them); it also says that after much destruction and huge suffering, the real savior, Jesus Christ, will arrive on the scene and the earth will see many years of great peace.

    Keep your eyes open! And your mind! Don’t be blinded by the Hollywood persona!

  40. I honestly want to know what section of revelations people consider Obama the antichrist… I’m searching for answers and want to know why people put this man into office. I’m not sure if he IS the antichrist… But, I know as another person has already said… I don’t think God would consider murder a very Christian thing….
    P.S….. My real first name is actually “Noah”…. Maybe I could build a big boat to hide during Obama’s “reign” over the mindless….

  41. I wonder if people are reading the original post or if the comments have taken on a life of their own.

    In the original post David said clearly that there is no book of Revelations in the Bible. Yet many comments continue to refer to the book of Revelations. He also claimed that there is no person called “the AntiChrist” mentioned in the book of Revelation. He also claimed that Nero is the Man of Sin mentioned in the Bible. Al also referred to Nero as the AntiChrist.

    It is amazing that no one is interacting with any of these claims. They are simply ignored.

  42. It’s National Enquirer all the way. As soon as they don’t see pictures that defy explanation, they shoot straight for the comments. Note that many of them still refer to Revelations. It’s total sensationalism and spook factor.

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  44. Revelations is the last book of the New Testament. I read it last night, since it has been awhile. And while the language is, of course, antiquated, it’s like Shakespeare, in that you must interpret it. Some of it is hard to read, but there are hundreds of books out there that interpret it for us, and there’s books out there like the Left Behind series, even though they are novels, that are highly regarded and based on Scripture, as well as very interesting books on Nostradomas who refers to the Bible and End Times and has curiously been accurate (in hind sight of course) and mentions the devastation of the two towers in the New City as well as the brothers who are killed (Kennedys). These books, and many others, are easier reads and the authors have done all the research – read them and take them all with a grain of salt and make up your own mind. It’s actually fun to read diverse opinions and hopefully, it sheds light here, as well. Same opinions over and over would be boring boring boring!

    Revelations does not say (at least in mine – there are hundreds of interpretations of it of course) “anti christ”, but calls him the evil “beast”, who will mesmerize with his verbal skills and people will be wowed and he will be put in a position of great power. I think anti christ has simply been placed on him because that is essentially who he ends up doing battle with. You simply cannot take one word and say “it’s not in Revelations”. People didn’t talk or write the same way – you have to interpret!

    It says that he will do evil deeds while in power, and that he will be in power for 42 months. This is one of the very straightforwad passages – so maybe we’ll find out soon!

    It says there will be a mark of the beast “666” on the forehead or the right hand.

    Rob, I think your humor is very fun, and I realize that this is the tone here, but your “blank stare” SAYS IT ALL- you simply don’t GET IT and that is exactly what is said will happen. Some people will get it immediately, some people find out after the battle begins, and others will simply never get it! What category will we all fall into?

    People will unexplainedly follow him. It’s like it’s Iowa and Field of Dreams! People will come and they won’t know why! So right back atcha!

    You take Obama’s qualifications (or should I say non-qualifications) and put them in any other less Hollywood “package” and NOBODY WOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM THE TIME OF DAY.

    It was the 666 thing that creeped me out. Then I googled it to see what people were saying about it. WOW. So I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in; you guys can joke about it all you want, and it IS FUN………. but really ………there are thousands of other people out there with views opposing yours…. but that is what makes this country go ’round……

    …..except when you oppose Obama, you do get kicked off the bus (ask the 3 reporters whose papers endorsed McCain) …

    Or ask the little elementary school girl whose Dad is in Irag and who was chastised (by her teacher!) for voting for John McCain in the school election (it’s recorded – check out Mike Gallagher’s site). The poor little girl was biting her lip and scared to death, and had to say her vote out loud (forget the secret ballot!) Her teacher’s response was “Oh, Jesus” You’d think she was going to faint – and I guess made this little girl think that her Dad was going to be in Irag for 100 years…….Cruella Deville..

    Even on some of the Obama supporting TV networks, I think it was Thursday, several of the very prominent anchors, (was it Charlie Gibson?) said “What do we really know about this guy?” and what do we know about his financial supporters? I couldn’t believe my ears and I really couldn’t believe they were admitting they had not investigated this………..and were asking the questions AFTER the election. You have to admit Obama pretty much got a free pass. Why? It’s as though some of the reporters are waking up from a deep slumber, can’t believe what has happened are trying to cover their rear ends…….

    But you do know that Obama is NOT in control (like any of the other presidents). It is the people that paid for his campaign that are in control. And we don’t know who they are, do we?

    We also don’t know who paid for his so-called scholarship to Harvard (it is reported that the scholarship was set up by a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman who chose the recipient himself) , his college thesis is blocked; his college transcripts are blocked, they won’t release his orig. birth certificate……. come on!

    Does anyone know who funded his campaign…follow the money…… follow the money………… maybe that person is the anti-christ and Obama’s just his good looking Hollywood front man!

    I don’t know for sure if he is the anti-christ, but I do know that people are blindly following this non-qualified individual and have done very little to truly question him. I understand the elation that African-Americans and many, many others feel that Obama was elected. It is a joy to see people so happy. I will feel elated when a women is elected – even if it is Hillary! I am extremely happy for them and from that aspect, I am also very happy that a minority is FINALLY elected. I hope it goes a long way to heal this country’s wounds.

    I just wish he had been qualified and that there weren’t so many unanswered questions and I wish people that questioned him weren’t so chastised. It is these strange and un-American characteristics that lead people to wonder what about his motives.

    There have been many accusations of people being the anti christ – from Nero to Hitler and others……..I don’t think us mere mortals will know until we’re in the thick of it, now will we? Until then, I guess the best thing to do is…. BE READY!

    Which, my wonderful Christian neighbor says, is what you should be every day – I guess I’ve got work to do! Gotta go!

  45. At least you think I’m funny. So, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

    [Just out of curiosity, have you read anything else on our blog?]
    [And one more thing: It’s Revelation, not Revelations.]

  46. The only thing I can say after reading through these comments is…….. why are you scared? The antichrist is a prophecy, no matter if you want him to come or vote someone into office…. he is coming. If you are true Christians and believe in GOD and do as GOD wants you to do you are loved and will be taken care of. End of story.

  47. It’s the classic fear of the unknown, that’s all. We really don’t know very much about BO at all; it’s like the classic guy behind the curtain in Wizard of OZ. What are they trying to hide? It makes people very uneasy. And maybe a little skeered, too….come on, admit it, maybe a little…..

    One of my friends is so afraid, she couldn’t sleep! I told her that THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT TO HAPPEN, this is God’s plan; so don’t freak out! (At least until you gotta freak out!) and make sure that you and yours are ready for anything – you could, after all, get hit by a car and die tomorrow; just make sure you have on clean underwear. And Rob, for you, just make sure you have on underwear.

    And you’re right, God will take care of it all. Meanwhile it’s great fun speculating…

  48. Uh-hmm, SusieQ…as the well loved and very blessed wife of the all humorous Rob…please don’t disrespect my laundry skills 🙂 I’ll worry about the state of his undies and let God deal with that bus driver…you can keep having fun speculating…

  49. I just cant get over the fact that the winning Illinois pick 3 lottery # on Election Day, 11/4/08 was 666…. find that terribly alarming!

  50. Wow. This is crazy. Gentlemen, you have created a monster.

    SusieQ, you mention books like the Left Behind series and other books on Nostradamus. (Let me note in passing that Nostradamus claims multiple times in his works that he wasn’t actually a prophet, and the fact that most scholars agree that he never really prophesied 9/11) But why not read some real theologians? And when you’ve read a commentary or two, or listened to a lecture, go back and read the book of Revelation again. I promise, that’s better reading than any tripe Jenkins/LaHaye can make up. Those poor guys didn’t have enough fairy tales read to them as children. St. John, with his dragons and trumpets, puts their petty, narrow interpretations to shame.

    That said, you’re spot on about God’s plan. Pres. Obama is the leader of our nation (or will be, come January) and so we’d better get over it. Christ will preserve His Bride.

  51. There have been multiple documentary-type series (TV) on Nostradamus in the last year or so, and they have mentioned the “two towers” and the “new city”. They also mention that he hid his predictions in these messages because the church would probably have had him killed – he HAD TO say he wasn’t a prophet TO SAVE HIS OWN SKIN!!!!!!!!!

    And as far as Nostradomus and the Left Behind series go, I mentioned them as a part of a bigger thought of “the more you read, the more opinions to which you listen, – including HERE! – absorb it all – take it all with a grain of salt – make up your own mind about what you believe”. Of course the the Bible s/b included in that and intrepretations of it. I certainly didn’t mean to limit your reading to one series of books! Even if the Left Behinds aren’t your idea of a good read, I still believe they have their place and have enriched millions of lives.

    Not to get of the track too much, but since we’re talking books here, I really think you would enjoy a very real, factual account of some modern day Indiana Jones types. The book is called The Mountain of God and its author is David Halbrook. It’s a very fast, easy read because it keeps you riveted with constant action. IT IS A TRUE ACCOUNT. These fellows risked their lives in Saudia Arabia to bring back pictures and other info about “Mose’s Mountain” (that’s what the locals over there call it!). The Saudi’s know the Bible is true because the main mountain is right there – they just don’t want anyone else to know because if the Bible is true…..

    There is SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE! I think it’s great to inform yourself from all avenues, whether it’s classics, novels, tv, the Bible, etc., but everyone has to decide for themselves what to believe (or not).

    And yes, Obama may be the next president, but that doesn’t mean everyone should lock step behind him! And since when is wrong to question facts about the President (in this case, unknown facts)? I just want to know: WHO IS THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN?!

  52. Back in April, Rob urged Handbasketeers to “repost this as many times as you can!” He was concerned back then about the Obamassiah and rightly so. He said back then, “I refuse to take a chance on this unknown candidate who came out of nowhere.”
    Unfortunately, the voters decided to take a chance and most likely will rue the day they did.

    Fwd: Obama is the Antichrist

  53. >Who is the man behind the curtain?!

    Do the math. Looks like we have the answer right here. Pretty conclusive I’d say.

    Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Revelation 13:18)

    The meaning of the name Barack is Blessed

    The meaning of the name Hussein is Handsome One

    The meaning of the name Obama is Slightly Bent(Leaning)


    Blessed: B=2 L=30 E=5 S=100 S=100 E=5 D=4 (total 246)

    Handsome: H=8 A=1 N=50 D=4 S=100 O=60 M=40 E=5 (total 268)

    Leaning: L=30 E=5 A=1 N=50 I=9 N=50 G=7 (total 152)


    A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9
    J=10 K=20 L=30 M=40 N=50 O=60 P=70 Q=80 R=90
    S=100 T=200 U=300 V=400 W=500 X=600 Y=700 Z=800

  54. Preparing the Arrival of the Antichrist.

    Worldwide Evil and Misery
    The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines

    The book was BANNED in France.

    From the beginning of the world until now the foundation of the Satanic Religion, its basic doctrine has been the conviction that one day Satan will openly rule this world. His ruling and power, however, cannot be exercised by Satan himself as a visible person; for that purpose he constantly needs visible people. He preferably uses influential people that live in sin. With their help he is able to manipulate other people on a large scale. With the help of wilful politicians and other powerful people and organizations he is able to expand his doom scenario further and further. Satan’s elite make every effort to realize the establishment of a One-World dictatorship. As long as they consider the devil to be their god and believe that Satan’s ultimate goal is establishing a dictatorial world power, everybody on earth will experience the daily consequences of this.

    In short: in mockery and imitation of God’s ‘Twelve Tribes’, Satan also blessed ‘twelve bloodlines’. These Satanic bloodlines go back far before the birth of Christ. In today’s world these bloodlines can be found in several powerful and worldwide influential families. The members of these exclusive family dynasties belong to the leading Satanists of our world. They consider the devil to be the only and true god.

    Above the ‘twelve bloodlines’ is the 13th, or final, bloodline. This Satanic bloodline is copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This bloodline was instilled with the direct seed of Satan. The Antichrist, who will become the visual world leader, will originate from this bloodline! This 13th Bloodline goes as far back as the Merovingians, the Sicambrians, the Greeks, the Roman Empire and the Tribe of Dan.

    At first this book evoked mixed feelings within me. On the one hand it is easy to read and through its large number of footnotes and source indications it is very well argued. On the other hand the author presents facts that sound so frightening that they make you quiver – for example the fact that worldwide one out of every five suicides concerns a ritual suicide (or murder). And that worldwide, thousands of babies and children become victim to Satanic Rituals every year! Such facts are hard to comprehend, and when I read that, I put the manuscript aside to do some research on the Internet. I came across the German site of Spiegel-Online which mentioned that three hundred children of poor London immigrants have vanished without a trace. At that moment I thought about the statistics that say that fifty thousand children and teenagers are reported missing every year in the United States – especially around Halloween…

    I arranged all the facts. Many facts known until now about secret societies and worldwide conspiracies actually fitted very well with the theories of Robin de Ruiter. And that is how I came to my most important consideration, namely why I think publishing this book is so important. Hundreds of titles about worldwide conspiracies have been published; many books overlap each other and many authors take a walk along the roads of fantasy. Robin de Ruiter, however, does not do this. He is able to grasp his theories and perceptions within a bigger plan. De Ruiter believes that the power of the ruling elite of our world originates from, and is identical to, the power of Satan. Moreover, that ‘Satan’s Empire’, of which the Bible speaks the Antichrist will rule, will be the inevitable outcome. Things such as globalisation, the developments in Israel and the Middle East, the fast arising observation of civilian conduct after 9/11 and, for example, the implantation of RFID-chips all of a sudden become pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly within the images created by biblical prophecies of the signs of ‘The End of Times’. Suddenly the planned New World Order becomes religiously charged and day by day the connection between the modern globalisation and the biblical Antichrist becomes clearer. With this book Robin de Ruiter leaves nothing and nobody untouched. He reveals – by means of countless facts – the dishonourable procedures behind the scenes of world politics and the all-round presence of a powerful select ‘Elite’: The ‘Predecessors’ of the Antichrist.

    This book should be a challenge for anyone who dares to confront the truth and is open to candid discussion of every aspect of the subject matter. Nobody, and especially not the God-fearing people, can shut their eyes from the facts described in this book. They should recognise the signs of ‘The Last Days’, so that one day they will not be surprised by the announced events.

    This international bestseller has been translated into many languages and is available in more than 100 countries. Finally also in the United States.

    PREVIEW OF THE BOOK: http://www.marketingnewauthors.com/wwem_preview_1.html

    United States

    Author: Robin de Ruiter
    Publisher: Mayra Publications
    ISBN: 1-889743-72-0

    Also available in Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Dutch, German, Polish, Japanese and many other languages. See http://www.mayrapublications.nl

  55. “”What does the Book of Revelations tell us about the Antichrist? Will the Antichrist be a Muslim? Is the upcoming presidential election a harbinger of the end when the Antichrist sets up his reign? Is Obama a Muslim? Is Obama the Antichrist? Is Obama mentioned in the Book of Revelations?””

    But you’re wrong! Obama IS:
    A.a muslim….his dad is and obama admitted it on a radiostation….
    B.The antichrist issomeone who gains trust in us and then turns on us…well, obama surely has us liking him, hell, who knows? maybe in 3 1/2 years he’ll turn on us?
    C.No Obama is NOT mentioned, but it is stated that someone who is atleast linked to the iraq/iran/pakistan area…

  56. I know this is late, and this may already be a dead discussion. However, I would just like to point out that like Ronald Wilson Reagan my name works out to be 666 perfectly. And you don’t have to do any crazy numerological twisting to get it (which people with a whole lot of time on their hands did with our former President as well). Plus, I was born in the wonderful year of 1988 (cf. “88 reasons. . .”), during which Ronald Reagan was President. Coincidence? Yeah, I really think so.

    To strip the eloquence off of and loosely paraphrase Chesterton, it is pretty easy to make a whole lot of nonsense fit together perfectly (my apologies to the owners of the whole lot of nonsense).

    -Rob N

  57. Rob,
    This is the eternal post… it shall be viewed and commented upon until the resurrection of dead.

    as for all the so called coincidences corresponding to your name, well…

    I always thought their was something shifty about you. I am surprised that I did not put six, six and six together earlier. (three sixes… you were 18 once too, were you not?)

    al sends

  58. You are quite right Pastor Stout. I didn’t even think about that. In fact, I was 18 just two years ago (alas, would that it were three). Oh, what a lawless and arrogant age. I thought I knew everything back then. Granted, I knew a whole lot. Little did I know, though, that it would take me two more years before I actually attained that perfect state of knowing it all.

  59. I have a long explanation of the meaning of the Lottery numbers the Marks of the Beast of Obama who is the Antichrist.
    The Antichrist must be unmasked. The Revelation of the Marks of the Beast sent by heaven will do that.
    Our only job is to spread it everywhere.
    Take this and spread it to the world.

  60. I for one am for the obama antichrist theory but I have found some problems with it that il adress now

    1:) didn’t some1 find that the number of the devil was 616?? not 666????
    2:) we have to wait for obama to be shot in the head and survive as that was ment to be one of the things that happened to the antichrist
    3:) sorry to come back to the 42 months of power but why 42 months shouldnt it be the whole 4 years i mean yes i know that thats ALMOST 4 years of presidancy but still…

    apart from that i believe the evidence is almighty to the obama antichrist thing and sorry that im uneducated as much as you guys (being in 13) but still

  61. Look if he is the Antichrist or whatever i could care less ok the only thing we need to worry about is getting him outta office that should be number one worry and if he is the antichrist well thats simple or fourfathers gave us the right to bear arms and ill use it

  62. Looks like I am over a year late to the party.

    Barack Hussein Obama sure is relentless about getting this healthcare bill passed. Kind of seems like all future plans may hinge on this one piece of legislation. Maybe government regulated healthcare is a means to complete control over our overall well being and survival. Would be pretty easy to mandate that we have chips implanted in us to help first responders or other health care professionals identify and obtain medical history on someone if they where unresponsive or unable to give this information. Probably would not be a hard sell for some people in the first place as this could easily be looked at as a potentially lifesaving device. Could this be the mark referred to in the book of revelation?

    The way the economy and job situation is going more and more people are going on government assistance. The chip could also be scanned at markets instead of using food stamps or currency. How’s it worded in Rev. about the mark of the beast… no man will buy or sell except one who has the mark (something like that). It would not be as easy to justify requiring someone to get the chip because of mere convenience in the checkout line at the supermarket.

    I don’t have a strong feeling that he is THE or An Antichrist because as of yet he hasn’t been able to get anything he has wanted signed into legislation. If he doesn’t get healthcare passed by the midterm elections it isn’t going to happen and we can be thankful that he will be a lame duck so early in the presidency. If they get it passed my opinion will definitely be in favor him being an AC as this completely goes against the will of the overwhelming majority.

    Either way I don’t think he is just a misguided liberal who thinks we should be more like Europe. He definitely has failure in mind for this country so that he may rebuild it to his liking. To destroy lives so that you can get what you want…that is surely a sign of an evil person.


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