… twin brothers, by different mothers.

Here is an interesting article from the International Herald Tribune. In the article they mention a statistical factoid, showing voting patterns based on name:

During the 2000 presidential campaign, people whose surnames began with B were more likely to contribute to George Bush, while those whose surnames began with G were more likely to contribute to Al Gore.

The premise is this… you are sublimely prone to have an affinity for folks whose names are most like your own.  Let’s think back over our voting records and see if there a pattern to it all.  These are the elections I voted in:

  1. Ronald Wilson Reagan vs. Walter Mondale.  I voted for Reagan.
  2. George Bush I vs Michael Dukakis.  I voted for Bush.
  3. Bush I vs William Jefferson Clinton. I voted for Bush
  4. Clinton vs Bob Dole.  I voted for Dole.
  5. Albert Gore vs Bush II  I voted for Bush.  (I did not vote for the guy named Al, overcoming any  prejudices.)
  6. Bush II vs John Kerry.  Bush again, but I have regretted it on a couple of occasions.

In the next election I am going to try and vote for a guy with the letter ‘S’ at the beginning of his (sorry… ladies, its a biblical thing) last name.

I thought about voting for Kip Smitty of the NeoWig party, but he is a sophmoric idiot.

Vermin Love ‘Sparky’ Supreme is older, but does not seem too serious.  Apparently he does have bumper stickers that proudly state “Vermin 04;” that coupled with the clown nose makes me think he is playing us for the fool.

John McCain’s middle name is Sidney… hmmm.  Perhaps he deserves a second look.

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3 responses to “Googlegänger…

  1. How about Colbert, Stephen? Or perhaps you’d prefer his running-mate, John Stewart. Sidney, though? Really? Have we sunk that low? I mean, Walker is sometimes depressing to me but Sidney? I love Sidney as a girls’ name but it is oh-so-most definitely NOT a presidential name. If we must vote a Sidney president, I choose Sidney Poitier. Because hearing about President Poitier would make me laugh every time.

  2. OK, in the first place, the female spelling of Sidney is Sydney. I for one like the name. My husband and father-in-law are named Sidney and they are both very intelligent men and good Christians who wouldn’t insult someone’s name. You can’t tell a book by it’s cover, or by it’s name.

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