In His Presence Unafraid

I want to exhort you to worship this morning by reminding you that you are in the presence of Almighty God right now. But what I want you to remember about this fact is that in the Bible when men come into the presence of God, very often they are overtaken with fear and dread, or they fall on their faces.

Gideon and Manoah were sure they would die when they saw the angel of Yahweh. Job repented in dust and ashes when he heard the Lord’s voice. Israel went into a panic when they heard the thunderous voice of God at Sinai. God told Moses, “You cannot see My face; for no man shall see Me, and live.” Isaiah said, “Woe is me” when he saw the Lord high and lifted up. The Apostle John fell over as a dead man when he saw the risen Christ in His glory.

Yet here we are, sinners in the presence of God Himself, hearing the voice of His Word, and without terror and dread. How can that be?

It is so because Christ Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, has absorbed the wrath of Almighty God toward us unclean sinners, dying in our place on the cursed tree and rising again to share His invincible life with us. My point is not that we no longer fear God, for He is just as fierce in His holiness. My point is that all praise and glory and adoration and gratitude should be to our Savior for bringing us into the presence of God, not as a wrathful Judge and a fiercely offended Opponent, but as a loving Father who adopted us into His family and welcomed us into His company delivered, covered with the righteousness of His Son.

So direct your praise to Christ, your Savior this morning. You are in the presence of God right now, and you are not consumed because of Him and the amazing grace of your Father. So let us glorify the Lord together.


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