No Condemnation…

… for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I would appreciate your prayers this weekend as I prepare to preach at the funeral of a dear Aunt.  The last child of my maternal grandfather’s generation.  Please pray that the Gospel would be clear, Jesus Christ would be lifted high, and the hope of the Resurrection be in the hearts of all who will attend.  Romans 8 will be my text.

I am also preaching this Sunday at Harmony Ridge Baptist Church in Pace.  I am looking forward to being with the saints of God there.  My sermon title is “… and Justice for all” and my text is Ex. 23:1-9.  Again, may the gospel go out and Christ be lifted high.

al sends


3 responses to “No Condemnation…

  1. Al,
    It was a beautiful sermon and the gospel was loud and clear. Jesus is the embodiment of both Justice and Mercy. It was wonderful to see your lovely family and to worship (and eat) together. Thank you for coming and sharing with us!

    Chuck and BeckyJ

  2. It was truly a blessing to hear your message…there has been much of it in my thoughts today. Your family as well was a blessing…I loved the way your girls were so eager to be helpful…a servants heart is difficult to find in most young people today…now that makes me sound so old! Next thing you know I’ll be saying stuff like “Back in my day…”

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