So, Call Me Cynical

This piece over at Faith and Theology is well worth the few minutes it will take to read. Insightful, I say.

What? Not convinced it’s worth the click? Here’s a quote:

Doesn’t this demonstrate that, far from representing a seismic shift in the political landscape, Obama’s campaign is little more than a vulgar repetition of Reagan’s political narcissism? And to this extent, isn’t Obama’s message of change simply an appeal to latent antiestablishment sentiment among the public, and thus a craven affirmation of the status quo? No one has framed these concerns with more precision than Shelby Steele, who insists that Obama is ‘neither a revolutionary nor even a reformist’, but rather a gifted politician who is ‘simply infatuated with the possibilities of his own skin color within the world as it is’, and whose genius ‘is to know his currency within the status quo’. One can’t blame Obama for being such a politician; but neither should we confuse his campaign language with the kind of change that America so desperately needs.

Tolle legge.


One response to “So, Call Me Cynical

  1. Ronald Reagan made us feel good about being Americans but in the words of a clown fish named Marlin, “Good feelin’s gone”,(Finding Nemo). Clearly Obama is having that effect on some Americans. The fly in the ointment for me is that I’ve lived long enough to notice that it doesn’t matter who pulls the levers in that fever swamp called Washington, the wind continues to blow in the same direction. The train is already off the track and Americans in general are heedless. We just party on. Clearly we need a saviour, not a saviour president.

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