Al Sends…

… what’s up with that anyway?

Dan Phillips commented on the post about the poor woman who believes she is a man.  He is an excellent writer who often shows the beauty of His cross and terror of our sin.  He uses the case of the “pregnant man” to do just that.  Thanks Dan for the reminder of God’s Amazing grace.

He also asked if “Al Sends” is my real name.  Yes and no.  Al is short for Alan and that is the name my mamma gave me.  ‘sends’ is a hold over from my Navy days.  It was how I would sign off on a certain communications circuit.

I was a Cryptologic Technician (CT) and we had various ways to talk to one another that afforded different levels of security.  One of those methods of communicating involved the use of a really old tele-type device and we had all manner of written short cuts to facilitate communication.  Kind of like txt language on cell phones.  We used phrases like ‘c u l8r’ and ‘BRB’ before they ever hit Sprint or ATT.  We also used Q and Z signals, which is a whole other bit of shorthand.

It was on that circuit that I learned to end my communication with ‘al sends’.  Typically all lower case and often accompanied with a bunch of “K’s.” (A series of K’s is sent at the end of a Morse Code transmission to indicate the sender is done sending) So, after I was done sending my message I would sign off with:   KKKK al sends KKKK

My last name is Stout.  As in, “I would love a double chocolate stout right about now.”

Perhaps more than you wanted to know, but others beside Dan have asked.

al sends


4 responses to “Al Sends…

  1. All of those “K”s around your name is not going to help your presidential candidacy, Al. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

    rob h goes

  2. There are very few people in the world who have verbs for last names. First names, common as the day is long: Will, Rob, Phil, May, Bob, Mark, etc.

    But last names? Al Sends puts you in elite company, my friend.

    And you are a closet white supremacist.

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