That’s Not A Man, Man…

… it is a lesbian in a flannel shirt.

I think it was one of the Graham ladies who said something like, “If God does not destroy America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”  Well, this whole “pregnant man” drivel is another item in the long list of grievances the God may be weighing.

It is not so much the bizarre nature of a woman who takes pleasure in shaving that is so damning.  Rather, it is our media’s response to a circus act, the modern equivilant of a “Geek Show”.  They are falling all over themselves to show the world how tolerant they are and how bigoted and foolish you are for wanting to throw-up in your mouth at the sight of her.

Ben Shapiro over at Townhall has written a lovely stick-in-the-eye piece, detailing the media fascination with this deluded woman.  Click the quote to go to the site.

Thracy isn’t the first pregnant man — she is only the latest lesbian spokesperson for radical amorality, festooned with the plumage of masculinity. Testosterone doesn’t make a woman a man. And a bearded pregnant woman doesn’t make wrong right, no matter what the media says.

May God have mercy on her and us.

al sends


3 responses to “That’s Not A Man, Man…

  1. Inside I really feel like a wookie. I wake up and I believe myself to be a wookie until I look in the mirror and realize I’m just a slightly hairier than normal human. My heart is broken every day because I’m not what I feel myself to be…you know, on the inside. It is almost as though nature made a mistake. I’m not just supposed to be a wookie, I am a wookie…you know, in my heart.

    I know people will laugh at this…but I’m considering having procedures to transform myself into a wookie. Call me a freak, but I gotta be me.

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