Polar Bear Expands Its Territory…

… to Iceland.  Where it is promptly shot dead.

In the US we recently put our Canada’s polar bears on the endangered species list.  Not because they are endangered, our government just doesn’t like the look of the green tea leaves.  They placed them on the list because they are pessimists at heart.

I find it interesting that polar bears are becoming so rare that they are showing up in places that they have not been in over a decade.  Iceland says they are endangered as well, but that won’t stop a cop from shooting one if the need arises. 

Experts say it had arrived on an ice floe and local laws stipulate they can be killed – despite the fact they are on the endangered species list – if one threatens humans or livestock.

Stefán Vagn Stefánsson, the chief police officer of a neighbouring town, took the decision to shoot it dead.

He claimed no narcotics were available and a gun necessary to fire such drugs was in another part of Iceland ‘so therefore it was necessary to kill it’. 

 Isn’t that how it is supposed to work though?  Bear or people?  Choose the people.

al sends

[Edit by Rob H: But they’re so cute!]

Baby Knut


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