Here Little Piggie…

… is this satire?


I should have died 40 years ago.

al sends

HT: Dave M.



7 responses to “Here Little Piggie…

  1. It seems I have waaaaaay overstayed my welcome…somebody should’ve taken me out when I was seven years old…I guess I have just been mooching off of everyone else the last thirty years…my bad

  2. Apparently, Jon Paul didn’t have the thrill of seeing that bloody pig explode at the end. Me? I guess I didn’t really understand question 10: “How much money did you spend all up last year?”. I haven’t been asked a question like that since second grade, which I shouldn’t have made it to since I used up my share of the planet at 3.8. Now, can I buy some more?

  3. Congrats JP…If you had only lived in a cave, with another large family, then the planet would have been safe enough for me to crank my AC down to 70…

    Keep it up! Millions of new Chinese car owners are counting on you.

    al sends

  4. You’re right, Al. Maybe instead of buying carbon offsets, we could buy JP offsets. A few more JPs and I can deserve to live to 80.

  5. Cathy answered them all in a very tree-huggery manner (after scoring a 1.6 the first time), and her little piggy floated off with a message promising her immortality. I’m so jealous. I’m buying my JP offsets from her.

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