… the ugly drugy kind.

When I was a kid we had TV.  It was the 60’s and 70’s so many of the good people who wrote our shows were on acid, LSD for unhip.   Case in point HR PuffnStuff:

Now, my reason for posting that little bit of hazy nostalgia is not to just post a silly video, at least not that silly video.  No, my purpose here is get you look at this worship service that was referenced by Ed Morrisey, a good Catholic boy at Hot Air. as ‘irretrievably silly’.  The 70’s day trippers have found religion, specifically the Roman Catholic faith. 

My favorite parts were not the big puppets, but the dancers spraying everyone down with what I can only assume is vodka. 

I wonder what the Pope would say if he stumbled across this little backwater of a blog?

al sends


8 responses to “Flashback…

  1. Stick a fork in both of them, please! I’ll take the nose and the shadow puppet any day. This was real torture, stop al ready.

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  3. Taylor says: I am so glad that I did not have to endure Puffnstuff guy when I was a child.
    Pastor Rob, when are we going to add puppets to the service?

  4. I think the puppets were to keep everyone awake, since they were probably not preaching the Gospel. The people looked a little dazed. How well I remember, since I was Catholic for 53 years. I’m glad God saved me from all that. I get ill just thinking about those years.

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