Walk Don’t Run…

… especially with sharp objects in your hand.  Your mother has told you time and time again:  Don’t run with that in your hand.  Did you listen?  Do your kids listen to you when you say it?  Perhaps you can show them this picture:

What?  Not enough of a deterent?  Click to continue

Your mother is always right!

al sends

(These pictures were part of a forward my wife received in an email.  If this is your kid and you want me to take these pictures down let me know.)


8 responses to “Walk Don’t Run…

  1. OUCH! Don’t you see this and just feel what it might be like? I cannot look at it without cringing… every time.

  2. I’ll bet that from now on Junior will be listening closely to every word Momma says. On second thought, maybe Junior should stick to spoons.

  3. The caption could read , “Hey mom, I’m ready for that new nose ring!”
    I did have a girl pierce her nose in my Pre-Alg classroom about 17 years ago. She yelled, “I got it , I got it!” I was feeling pretty good about my teaching skills because I thought she had finally gotten a tough concept, and then she added, ” I pierced my nose.”
    Thus fulfilling your worst night mares about the public school system.

  4. A girl with a nose ring back 17 years ago? Wow, she was definately a precocious gal and way ahead of her time. Wonder if she ever hit that proverbial glass ceiling?

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