Republicans Untied…

… unity in the dyslexic RNC.

How would you sum up your feelings about the campaign thus far? 


If you are an Obama supporter I expect something inspirational. 

If you are a Hillary supporter I expect something bitter. 

If you are McCain supporter I expect something like:  “EH, McCAIN I GUESS”


al sends


9 responses to “Republicans Untied…

  1. Obama: Delusional, not inspirational.
    Hillary: Even more Delusional.
    McCain: Certainly the lesser of the 3 evils, but not by much.

    I agree with Rob, nauseated pretty much sums it up. Definitely tempting to stay home and not vote come November with choices like these.

  2. Sorry Ricky, while Obama’s message of change is pure dookey it still moves the masses. John McCain is even going all Climate Change on us. He is sure to win some votes with that one!

    al sends

  3. Obama: Definitely the smartest of the three. If I had to pick, it’d be him
    Hillary: No. Just . . . no. Wrong on way too many levels for a finite mind to comprehend
    McCain: What makes this man think war in Iraq can be solved by war in Iran?

    I heard McCain speak at PJC a few months ago. He gives us the same agenda the Republicans have been feeding us since Clinton entered the White House. Vote for me, I’ll cut spending, cut taxes, limit government, increase veteran benefits, ban abortion, end gay marriage, and protect American sovereignty. We’ve had McCains controlling the Senate, the House, and the Presidency for the last 8 years. We’ve got more abortion than ever, homosexuality is more flagrant than it was on Lot’s doorstep, we’re in a war we cannot win, and our economy is in a tailspin because of our Saudi friends. In other words, if Ron Paul is not running independent, I’m writing in Steven Colbert. At least CSPAN would be entertaining and not sickening.

  4. We’ll only have whichever of these three, um, leaders, that gets elected for four years, but we’ll have their Supreme Court nominee for a lifetime. I personally am keeping my eye on that prize.

  5. Justices Stevens, Souter, make up two of the Court’s liberal wing of four. Justice Kennedy is thought of as the swing vote and has a mixed record in voting in pro-life cases. He has often been on the side of Planned Parenthood or homosexual rights proponents.

    All of those justices were appointed by Republican presidents. If McCain is elected, I am afraid that the only judges that will get through a Democratic Senate will be God hating deconstructionist types, who will despise the Constitution and the founders.

    If Obama is the nom. the Republicans will at least fight the horrors B.O. will try and impose. If it is J.M. they will role over, much as the current congress has done with GWB at the helm.

    Vote your conscience, using sound reason, and the Word of God. Then sleep easy. The Lord is in control

    al sends

  6. Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends Al Sends
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    As we chant ‘Al Sends’ let’s clap our hands or stomp our feet on each syllable.

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