Russian Cowboys…

…with hair circa 1980’s B-52s.

UPDATE:  Apparently these guys are Finnish and not Russian.  Thanks to Gianni in Doug Wilson’s combox.

al sends


17 responses to “Russian Cowboys…

  1. Oh Lord have mercy.
    I just woke up the brothers. The Leningrad cowboys?! The frippin KGB singin “Alabama, ho-o-ome”?!?!?! way too much.
    Those hairdoos look vile. But the glasses rock.

  2. Just how deep in the archive do you have to dig for this stuff? Its got to be way in the back somewhere. And where is their battle flag?

  3. And oh by the way. I AM from Alabama. Alabama really IS my sweet home. I don’t know whether to be offended or just weirded out.

    Man, the world is just too small anymore.

  4. Okay, so here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking about this a bit today.

    Almost twenty years after the end of the cold war and the fall of the Soviet Union we have officers in the Russian army backing up a gender-ambiguous, curly-shoe-wearing band joyfully singing songs about Alabama…a state which is yet the residence of a host of rednecks who still refer to “them commies”…and being cheered and joined by a crowd of appreciative fans.

    Fellini meets John Birch.

  5. What in tarnation is that gi-normous dohikey of a gitar they got? And know what? them commies can’t play no accordion.

    Pastor Bryant, we should be mighty offended. Don’t nobody sit down durin’ Sweet Home. Speshully not on no ugly drum with commie hammers and junk on it. Shoot. Just ain’t no respect any more. Should’a blown them boys away when we had the chance. That thar radiation can’t be this bad.

  6. Wow! For a second there I thought our site had been truly blessed, but, as it turns out, it was not his wife… good to see you JohnPaul.

    al sends

  7. Guys, if you liked this you’ve got to see the actual movie that started it all: “Leningrad Cowboys Go America”,

    – Gianni

    P.S. Thanks Al, it was cool to read my name and Douglas Wilson’s name in the same sentence, and in matters related to the Leningrad Cowboys, of all things. Here’s my post at Blog and Mablog: The Leningrad Cowboys are a Finnish band, but in several occasions they did manage to get the Soviet Red Army choir to join them in live concerts. The repertoire? Sweet Home Alabama, Proud Mary, Yellow Submarine, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, even The Battle Hymn of the Republic. It is a sight to behold.

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