Shoo In Momentum

A shoo in means that one is expected to win easily. It’s derivation, as I understand it, is that a horse, under less than honorable circumstances, is essentially counted the winner before the race is even run. The horse is “shooed in” to the winner’s circle. This is the case with Hillary Clinton in the primaries. She was early considered a shoo in (under what sort of circumstances I’m not in any position to say). Which is all well and good…except that there is a general election in November. She needed psych-out power over McCain and Joe Lunch Bucket. She needs to actually look like a runner. And she needs someone to beat to pull this off. And Mr. Obama is doing his part at just the Wright time.

Even though John McCain isn’t much of a challenge, it isn’t likely that he’ll just roll over. And anti-Hillary sentiment isn’t isolated to a small town in southern Alabama. So in order to really show well in November, she needs mo — and I’m talkin’ come-from-behind, Yo-Adriane-I did-it mo. She needs to show that she has, um, guts enough to stay in there and duke it out and win. And in so doing she earns formidablility cred, she gets media hoo-ha, and, having impressed the American people, she wins in November. Easy-peasy-Mac-and-cheesy.

In the end, everybody wins.

  1. Hillary Clinton wins the White House.
  2. Obama gets to look like he missed the White House by “that much”, and, before getting ushered off to Palookaville, gets an extra fifteen minutes wherein he gets to look gracious.
  3. McCain gets to look like he missed the White House by “that much”, and, before getting ushered off to Palookaville, gets to suck the life out of a few more rooms in which people are chanting his name.
  4. America gets yet another World Wrestling Federationesque presidential election (which we love!), and (at least) four more years to moan about how horrible the president is.

Cue Lee Greenwood.


10 responses to “Shoo In Momentum

  1. at just the Wright time – Rob, you so clever!

    I’m already moaning & it’s not November yet; politically I’m a half full kinda guy.

  2. correction to my original post.

    I meant half empty. It’s what you get for working and blogging at the same time.

  3. Dan is right, at least when it comes to the primary. Hillary can’t win her party’s nomination, and without that, all the idealistic hopes and dreams and the trite little scenario that you have so beautifully painted is something right out of a Pollyana version of Orwell.

    Obama may be the general election, too, but he’ll have a harder time beating McCain than he thinks he will. That certainly won’t be a shoo in.

  4. All I’m saying is that I have an uncanny knack for pickin’ ’em in these things.

    Consider the following:
    The Clinton Machine (like it or not, a considerable force)
    Convention, Florida, Michigan
    Obama is not showing well in national match ups
    The Democratic part wants to win the White House (can’t with Obama)
    McCain is not nearly as vulnerable to Obama as he is to Clinton
    The devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know.

    I’m not claiming prophetic authority in this. I’m just sayin’…

  5. Problem is, no one has a magic wand to wave over the democratic party to make them do what is best for the party – let alone agree with one another. They still are busy doing what each group thinks is best. Sounds familiar.

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