Because giant squids is funny.


16 responses to “Calamari

  1. HA!!! Yes, giant squids IS funny! 😀

    And (sigh), we needs us some Apples to Apples action…

    And whoa! Where’s you get that pic? Is that for real? They found one?? Narly!

  2. Ok, I can’t get the video to work, but…what I *should* have asked (Jennifer! Imagine me blowing you a long-distance raspberry.) is did they find a LIVE one? I thought they’ve never found one alive.

    How can I account for this strange fascination with giant squid? Is it because they’re so elusive? And so…so terrifyingly alien-like? I like to imagine myself happening upon a hidden giant squid lair deep in the caverns of the undersea world. This is freakishly unrealistic for two reasons:
    1. Duh!
    2. I am terrified of the idea of snorkeling, much less scuba diving, even if it *were* at all possible to “happen” upon a Giant Squid lair. (See #1)

    I’ll bet good ol’ Clive Staples could have written quite the Perelandra-esque Giant Squid science fiction novel, complete with an allegorical twist. He da man.

  3. My opinion is that giant squid (you know…unless someone has a relative) is likely to generate no controversy, requires very little thought (althought Becky has clearly worked a few things through), and I can go wth my instinct in the comments. These things cannot be said about a post on, say, soteriology or eternal justification or eschatology.

    The obvious conclusion: The internet is only good for squid humor, and is a damnable tool of the devil.

    There. I said it.

  4. If i am not mistaken, that is not a giant squid at all, but a colossal squid, which is even larger than a giant squid.

    And for the record, anyone inviting me over to their house for dinner, please don’t serve calamari or any other seafood. yuck.

  5. Just wait till they find it’s momma. Then we’ll have the Ginormous Squid. And if you try to say that in pig latin, it’s really funny.

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