This Is Not Hospitality…

… dude.   Here is the deal.  The “artists” are living with lice.  Yes, that is an ‘L’ in front of the word ‘ice.’  They want to show us us what it is to be hospitable.  You know as we were commanded:  “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” 

Seven young artists from Berlin are trying to stretch the boundaries of art by living in an Israeli museum for three weeks with lice in their hair.

The artists, who sleep, eat and bathe in the gallery, said the exhibition toyed with ideas about hosts and guests in line with a theme set by the museum and aimed to blur the boundaries between art and reality.

In Bat Yam, Gitzin-Adiram said she spent weeks exploring the gallery’s theme of “hosting,” turning to philosophers such as Jacques Derrida and even the Bible for inspiration. She received proposals from around the world but was won over by the lice.

Two things to remember:  

  1. If everything is art, then nothing is. 
  2. Youth is wasted on the young. 

Did I say ‘Dude” already?   ‘Cuz – Dude!

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