Regrets Of A 15 Year Old Child…

… shouldn’t involve the time she took her top off for the world to see.  It just shouldn’t

Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana, took an “artistic” picture for Vanity Fair and the picture is simply exploitative.  Here is what she said with it came to the attention of world outside Hollywood:

“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed,” she said in a statement released today. “I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

I don’t blame the child, but I pray that God would put this rag out of existence.  They knew exactly what they were doing.

al sends

(I will not link the picture here, but google it and show it to your teenage daughters – show them what flattery can do to a young lady.)


11 responses to “Regrets Of A 15 Year Old Child…

  1. But here’s the thing. At the time, Miss Cyrus thought the whole thing was artsy, classy, and super rad. Now she thinks its exploitative.

    But how different is the picture from the shiny halter-tops and hip-hugger pants? It seems to be a difference of degree rather than kind. She’s a Britney Spears Jr. In a few years, she can be the real deal. Just see the progression of Hillary Duff.

    The whole business is bad, and the outrage over the one magazine shoot seems hypocritical unless the media is willing to condemn all teen-starletry.

  2. Excellent point Steven…

    You are probably too young to remember Brooke Shields when she first started, but she posed in much the same way with the same outcry from society. The phrase her handlers put into her mouth was “You know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing.” She was 16, and everyone was upset. Here is the deal though… The year before, at age 15, she performed a burlesque like tease for her first Calvin Kline commercial.

    Search on YouTube for Brook Shields Calvin Ads. They are almost pornographic.

    The thing is, folks still bought her movie tickets and her jeans. They did not really care about the soul of a young woman.

    Al sends

  3. My wife says: What are the odds that the Department of Children and Families will be investigating the Cyrus family for child abuse?

  4. I’m with Pastor Hadding & wife. What’s so ridiculous is that Billie Ray was on the set with her AND her 8 year old sister.

  5. One of the serious problems with a market driven society is that it promotes that sort of Calvin Kline add. Say 30% of the US is outraged, and vowes never to buy Calvin Kline again, 50% says “that’s disgusting, doesn’t make me want to buy the jeans, but whatever” and 20% say “I want pants like that!”

    Calvin Kline wins. Of the thirty percent that are actually outraged, only a small minority remember past a few weeks, (or if they do remember, they feel guilty for bitterness, and get accused of bitterness–but that was last year, let sleeping dogs lie!), and they get a huge upturn now. (If 20% of America bought their jeans they would be more than happy.)

  6. I figured since Pastor Hadding mentioned the Dept. of Children and Families this would be the best place to mention this latest update in the polygamist sect fiasco. I truly find this hard to believe. As someone said, it’s hard being a satirist when the real world keeps one-upping you.

    “One of the hundreds of young polygamist-sect members taken into state custody gave birth Tuesday to a healthy boy while child welfare officials, state troopers and fellow sect members stood watch outside the maternity ward.” . . . Patrick Crimmins, spokesman for the state Child Protective Services, said that the girl’s mother was present for the birth, but that he “didn’t know who alerted her that her daughter was in labor.”

    Good thing those child welfare officials were they, cause hey, that girl might just pick up that baby soon as it’s born and start a beatin’ it! And the mother present? Good heavens, what is this world coming to? Next thing you know, fathers will be trying to take an active role in their daughter’s weddings. Parents these days.

  7. I’m a bit behind on this posting, but have to comment; talk about paradigms. They peal crying infants out of the hands of a mother who’s current known crime is polygamy so the DCF can ‘sort out’ genetically who’s child is whoms. I do understand that this group is said to have allowed under-aged girls to wed. but the scenes are deeply disturbing and Kaleb makes an excellent point above.

    Meanwhile, Hollywood has been feeding the exploitation of girls under 18 for far too long. As Matthew pointed out, with little to no ‘real’ reaction; just some shock and awe talk. Has DCF visited the Spears, Sheilds, Cyrus, (insert countless other young women exploited) houses?
    I’ll quote Matt Chandler here “The church used to be a small movement that made a big impact. Now it’s a large group with no impact.” No one is afraid of the outrage or reaction from the church. God help us.

  8. This was unfortunate that she made this decision. It’s as if she was swept up in the awful PR-tactics used by so many other pop singers and performers this day. A singer/celebrity should be able to remain on top simply on the merit of their talents, not from exploitative activities like this one. It’s a shame, but I remain a supporter of her talented singing.

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