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… I have, but this is just bugging me.

OK… here is the deal.  There is this polygamist cult you have all heard about lately.  They are the deluded followers of Joseph Smith, taking his words about how a fella gets to heaven seriously.  They are outside the pale of anything resembling Christianity when it comes to their views of God, Jesus, Salvation, the atonement and Heaven.  It is a damnable cult. Period.

That being said… What in the world is this country coming to, when the gub’ment believes they can come in and rip children out of the arms of their mothers?  Seriously, this is simply frightening.  What right do they have?

And for those who want to say that that a 16 year old girl reported a crime read this article!  It appears that the call reporting the alleged crime was made from the phone of a woman who had made false police reports in the past and is not a member of the FLDS cult. 

The gub’ment is not the best judge of what is best for children.  Not by a longshot. I said this elsewhere: 

A 16 year old girl reports that she was having to marry and have sex with an older man.  The police respond by taking away every child from every parent in the building.  That seems like a reasonable response.

What would happen if folks found out about families who sent their kids to an institution, which condoned and even promoted early sexual activity amongst the 13 and 14 year olds gathered there, provided funds for the killing of unborn children resulting from such activity (even when it involved statutory rape) and exposed the children to violence and bullying; all this while failing to care for them intellectually or spiritually?   What would the response be?

Oh, yeah…  give the institution more money to hire the local police to guard the institution from the ones who could not handle the hell that is government education.

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  1. The whole story is scary to me, from what the cult was doing to the way our “gub’ment” handled it. But what is particularly disturbing is how many people think that the children should have been taken.

    DCF routinely operates above the law and no one seems to care except the poor parents who get bamboozled. Did you know that DCF will investigate your family based on an anonymous call? A name is not required when making an accusation. Your child can say anything and without any substantiation, be taken from your home. Did you know that DCF can question your child at public school, with no other adult present, without your consent or knowledge? At private schools (& in your home) DCF does not have the legal right to enter w/out consent or w/out a warrant, though many parents/administrators don’t know this. Once they are in your home, they can find anything, anything – that they will say is an endangerment to your child and can take your child. Police and judges play by their rules, because who wants to be responsible for not “saving a child”? Facts are not necessary, only the parent’s contrition and willingness to suck up to the DCF worker. If you don’t play the game, they’ll lie, change documents, and use all sorts of trickery to make you look bad.

    Rant over. There are few things that get me as riled up. I know someone who dealt with DCF and it’s a sad, sad thing to watch and I’m not exaggerating my claims. If you think that what happened in TX is unusual, just do a few net searches and you’ll see a wide path of destruction behind Children and Families services. Please don’t think that everyone charged by DCF had it in some way coming to them. It is sad that an agency with such potential to work good in the lives of families too often tears them apart. ok. now the rant is over.

    Anyway, my heart goes out to the 416 children being interrogated at their local superdome.

  2. Al, you put my thoughts into words perfectly. And the final flourish about the government-run paganism and apostasy centers was a slam dunk, brother.

    Can you hear my “Yesssss” emanating from the back of the sanctuary?

  3. I heard this morning that there is a new DCF facility being built in Escambia County to facilitate better and more investigations…with all the experts under one roof. A one-stop-shop for family destruction. McHomewreckers? No wonder people move into the woods and collect guns.

    Start collecting canned-goods, Honey. We’re going camping.

  4. Hey, Hank Jr. said it best:

    “I got a shotgun, a rifle and a 4 wheel drive . . . and a country boy can survive.”

    What’s almost sadder is that every mother has a lawyer and they all have to be in on all the proceedings. That fiasco on the first day is only going to get better. Or worse. Depending on how easily amused you are. You’d think they would just pool their money and get some really big name firm to represent everybody. Oh well, so much for making sense.

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