Relevance and Assurance

A quote from Michael Korthaus’ new book, Kreuzestheologie: Geschichte und Gehalt eines Programmbegriffs in der evangelischen Theologie (Mohr Siebeck, 2007).

“The believer who in the confidence of the word of the cross confesses the death of the sinless Christ as her own death…, no longer requires any worldly assurance, nor any display of faith’s ‘relevance’. To put it another way: the one who asks about the ‘relevance’ of faith, about its supposedly necessary authentication in experience or some other life-praxis, has not yet really believed” (p. 218).

[HT: Faith and Theology]


One response to “Relevance and Assurance

  1. The key to the quote is the word “confidence.” Trust is often a concept that we accept without any past experiences or proof to support our trust in something.

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