dave bryant and the emergent church

A lovely feature of WordPress’s stats register is a listing of searches that generated clicks to your blog. My favorite to date is this: dave bryant and the emergent church.

What sort of postmodern sequencing puts those two things in the same sentence? Things that make you go, “hm.”


6 responses to “dave bryant and the emergent church

  1. I am sitting in the Denver airport, reading Solomon among the Postmoderns. Let me just say that while David may be postmodern, in the good sense of the word, I am just an intense modern. I will explain in my next post.

    Did I mention that it snowed in Idaho while we were there? Well it did.

    al sends

  2. Only Nixon can go to China.
    Only Dave Bryant can to the Emergent Church.
    Only al sends can go to Moscow.

    These are curious times.

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